The best Android applications to test the hardware to work well

There are many scenarios where it is necessary to know with certainty if the hardware that incorporates our phone or tablet with Android works correctly.

From the possibility of selling it to someone else, where it is essential to check every detail of the device to avoid any problems and claims, to the possibility of thinking about not renewing it with the newest model, as they still have much to give.

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In this sense, to know exactly if the hardware works well is a very important information, since from these data, we can face the expense of a new battery and renew or improve some of its accessories without hesitation or doubt.

In any of the cases mentioned know the state of the hardware of our device is something necessary.

Now, how can we check the hardware status of a phone or tablet? Fortunately, this is a simple and automated task, of course, whenever we use any, or all, of the tools we have selected for this task, which in our opinion are the best in the market.

It should be noted that the applications mentioned in this article can also be used in the event that we are about to buy a phone or tablet used, which will allow us to have a fuller idea of the state of the device we are going to acquire, keeping us safe in case they want to con us. In this way, the conditions of purchase will be much safer.

AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark has long been known as one of the best platforms for testing computer hardware, and over time has become a respected standard in all areas, including Android.

That’s why AnTuTu Benchmark is a more than important application, and perhaps the best of those mentioned in this article, mainly due to its options and features, which allow us to know perfectly all the technical aspects of a device, whether to sell it or buy it.

If you wish, you can download this magnificent tool completely free of charge by clicking on this link.


A classic of classics everywhere we look. Widely known in the world of personal computers as one of the best hardware diagnostic tools, it has been available for some time for the Android platform for free.

With an excellent presentation of the data, which allows an easy reading and understanding of the information displayed, which includes the name of the SoC (System On Chip).

The type of architecture, the speed of each core, as well as the amount of them, the make and model of the device, screen resolution, size and state of the RAM.

The amount of storage, the amount and condition of the different sensors and the conditions of the battery, which include the level of charge, operating temperature and capacity, among many other data of interest.

One of the most comprehensive Android device hardware testing applications, without a doubt. If you want to try it, just click on this link.

Phone Tester (hardware info)

While Phone Tester do not have an appearance that can be considered as one of the flashy, the important thing is that it perfectly fulfills what it promises.

By means of Phone Tester we will have at our disposal a great tool that will allow us to know with exactitude the technical conditions of the hardware of an Android device, without technicalities that can confuse us.

In addition to offering the same features as the other applications listed in this report, Phone Tester adds certain features that they do not.

Without a doubt this development of Spanish origin, and therefore in perfect Spanish, is one of the most complete tools. If you want to know more, all you have to do is click on this link.

Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus is undoubtedly one of the best designed applications of this report, both aesthetically and functionally.

In addition to the tools for detecting problems in the hardware of the Android device, it offers us some more features such as a battery saving system.

The application incorporates an excellent amount of tests, leaving practically nothing untested, precisely what we need, and the best of all is that it does it quite fast, that is to say that we will be able to use its functions whenever we require it.

It’s also free, which makes it even more interesting. No doubt a tool worth downloading.

If you wish, you can download Phone Doctor Plus for free by clicking on this link.

Prevention is the best tool

The reality is that if we want our phone or tablet does not degrade with use and the passage of time, the best thing we can do is to take care of it, although it is obvious, many users mistreat their devices in such a way that they will not last even half the time of use for which they were designed.

In this sense, if we expose the device to extreme sunshine, humidity, subject it to violent blows and so on, it is most likely that performing a test with any of the tools mentioned here will return unhappy results.

Taking care of a device involves both the physical part, as mentioned above, and the software part. A bad software, that is to say one badly designed, can for example empty the battery in little time, which forces us to recharge it in less and less intervals.

This is just one example, which must be transferred to all other sensors and electronics of the device, including the processor.

In this sense, the best thing we can do is to install some software that allows us to keep the content of the device, including documents and applications, clean and tidy.

There are hundreds of apps for this, but there is no doubt that CCleaner, from Piriform, is one of the best, for performance and features.

By using CCleaner we will be able to keep our device always in good condition, at least as far as software and documents are concerned. It has an interesting battery of resources, all tools of the highest level and performance.

If you wish, you can download CCleaner for free by clicking on this link.

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