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The use of applications that allow blocking other applications that we use in our Android mobile phone is becoming increasingly popular among users, and this is not a mere coincidence, but the main reason is usually to protect the security of our device.

The scenarios for which we have to resort to installing on our Android mobile an app that provides as its main feature the function of blocking applications installed on the device can vary, including from parental control to the impossibility for third parties to access the tools included in the phone.

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That’s why if we come to the conclusion that we need the functionality of being able to block mobile applications, we must resort to some other app developed for it, since we have to take into account that natively Android does not offer this option.

We know that Android includes different settings that allow us to configure the device lock with the use of pins, patterns, passwords or fingerprint, but with it we will be blocking full access to the mobile.

On the other hand, in the case of applications to block other applications in Android give us the ability to select one by one the apps we want to prohibit access to third parties.

Only a few models and brands of cell phones currently include the default functionality of allowing us to block applications. Now, what is really the function of this type of tool? We’ll see about that next.

What an application does to block applications

Those of us who use our mobile phones on a daily and constant basis to carry out the most diverse tasks know that nowadays telephones accumulate an enormous amount of private and sensitive information.

In addition to this, a large number of applications are also included in the mobile, to which we want no one to have access. That’s why these tools are more than useful when it comes to keeping our data safe.

Broadly speaking, and in most cases, applications for blocking applications on the mobile are usually very simple to use and generally work optimally. What we do is run on the applications we have chosen to block, so that every time we want to enter the same appears with your access blocked.

In order to access the blocked app, the blocking application will ask us to enter a pattern, pin, fingerprint or even use the camera to perform a scan of our face.

Once the application detects that we are the ones who are trying to run some program on the mobile will give us access to the app, ie it will run smoothly.

On the other hand, those people who have access to our mobile phone and try to access certain applications that have been previously blocked will not be able to execute them, as they will not know the password to access it.

In this way, in the event that our Android phone falls into the hands of strangers or we lend it to someone, we can be completely reassured that they will not have the ability to access certain applications and the information they store them.

What is the best application to block applications

If we look in the Google Play shop for an application that allows us to block applications inAndroid we will see that there is a considerable amount of tools created for it, but the truth is that some do not comply completely and optimally with this function.

Therefore, according to the popularity and excellent opinion that users have of it, the best application to block applications is undoubtedly AppLock, which owes its success to the large number of features it offers and its perfect functioning.

Although AppLock is an application that is generally simple and easy to use, the truth is that it is a very complete tool whose main function is to allow us to add a pattern or a pin as a blocking method in the applications we have selected.

Even if you have a mobile with Android version 6.0 Marshmallow or higher, you can also block applications using the fingerprint unlock method.

In addition to blocking applications, with AppLock we can also protect our private information, as the tool offers the functionality to block SMS messages, contacts, gallery, settings, calls and so on.

It also includes a private vault for photos and videos, lock switch for WiFi, Bluetooth, data and so on, an excellent widget to block and unlock apps quickly, among other functions.

On the other hand, it is important to note that AppLock allows a series of customizations of funds, is an application that can not be stopped by task managers, and also during its execution consumes little memory and battery, so it does not affect the performance of the mobile.

How to use AppLock

In order to use AppLock on your Android mobile phone, you must follow the steps below.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to go to Google Play and download and install AppLock on your mobile. We can find the application in this link.

Step 2

Once the application is installed on your phone, we will run it for the first time. We will have to accept the privacy policies of the app.

Step 3

In principle, the application will ask us to create an unlock pattern, after which we will have to enter it again to confirm it.

Step 4

Next we must select an email account, which will be used in case we forget the boqueo password we have set.

Step 5

In the next screen we can start to choose which applications will be blocked, for which we only have to click on the padlock icon next to each of the applications listed. Then click on the “Allow” button.

Step 6

In the tab “Protect” of the application we will find the options of configuration of the same one, including if we want that the lock is by pin or by pattern, as well as other options of security.

Step 7

In the main screen of the app, in the superior sector of the same one, we will find that there are accesses to the vault, to the navigator, to the battery and to the store. In the case of clicking on “Vault”, from there we can begin to include photos and videos that we want to be protected in that vault security.

Step 8

If we click on the “Browser” item, what the application will offer us is the possibility of accessing a secure and private browser.

Step 9

Clicking on the “Battery” icon we can activate the energy saving mode provided by AppLock.

Step 10

Once we have correctly configured the application to our needs, from there will start blocking those applications to which we want to protect access. We will see that over time, AppLock will undoubtedly become our best ally.

Other applications to block applications

If you’ve tried AppLock and you haven’t found it totally convincing or it hasn’t met your needs, then it’s always possible to use one of the hundreds of applications available in Google Play.

Here are some of the most interesting applications to block applications in Android. All that remains is for you to choose the one that suits you best.

Norton App Lock

Developed by the same company that created the well-known Norton antivirus, this application for Android allows us to block applications from our mobile simply, quickly and securely.

Among its main features, we can mention that Norton App Lock includes the possibility of blocking applications with passwords, numerical codes or pattern, and also offers suggestions about such blocking, as it does not indicate which applications contain more sensitive data and therefore it is advisable to block them.

Just like App Lock, the Norton application also gives us the option to protect photos and videos, everything concerning our social networking activity, calls, messages and so on.

The best thing about this application is that it can be used in older versions of Android, as it has support for Android OS 4.1 or higher, also does not consume too much energy n memory, so it does not impact negatively on the performance of the mobile.

If you are interested in using Norton App Lock you can download the application from this link.

Application blocking

This is another really interesting application to block applications on our mobile phone, because like the rest allows us to protect the security of our data through the blocking of applications that we have installed in the cell phone.

The main difference that this tool has with the rest is its design, which is really simple and easy to use, as it has been created with a rather minimalist look, so as not to confuse the user with different options, so its design has been based on Google Material Design.

As for the type of lock that allows, includes the possibility of using pattern, pin, password and has support for fingerprint blocking, allowing to add security to applications of all kinds, including social networks, system applications, free and paid applications, and so on.

With this application it is also possible to block calls, messages, games, photos and videos, for which we can choose to use the same password and pattern for everything, or use multiple passwords.

It also includes a power saving mode, and because it consumes very little memory it does not affect the performance of the mobile.

If you are interested in trying this application, you can find it through this link.

CM Locker

The CM Locker application is similar to those mentioned above, and allows us to block selected applications or block the screen of the device, so that no one has direct access to it.

In addition, it allows us to protect photos, videos, contacts, calls and messages, so that we can effectively care for our privacy. All types of locking provided are done through a pin, a pattern, a password, as well as through the fingerprint.

CM Locker stands out from the rest because it includes the function of anti-theft protection, through which we can know where our mobile is if it has been stolen.

At the same time, it includes the selfie functionality, with which we can capture those people who have tried to unlock the phone through a photo that the application automatically takes of the intruder. To do this we must link CM Locker with our Facebook account.

This application also stands out for its appearance, as it includes the possibility of configuring and customizing blocking screens with a large number of wallpaper themes.

It also includes notification reminder options, instant answers, private mode, music playback control, among others. While this is a free application, it does contain ads, which can be annoying for some users.

If you are interested in using CM Locker, you can download it from this link.

Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock is another interesting application that gives us the possibility to protect the information and data of our Android mobile through the selective blocking of applications and elements.

With this tool we can also block messages, calls, emails, contacts, photos, videos and so on. All this using password, pin, pattern and even fingerprint, the latter on devices with Android 6.0 or higher.

Totally simple and without extra functions, Smart AppLock is a really stable application and consumes very little energy, that is to say that it does not harm the autonomy of the battery of our mobile phone.

If you are interested in trying the application, you can download it from this link.

IObit Applock

Like the rest of the applications mentioned here, this tool allows you to block applications in Android using pattern, pin, password, fingerprint, and adds the ability to do with facial recognition.

With facial recognition, the application detects whether we ourselves or someone else is trying to unlock the mobile phone or an application. In the last case, the application will take a selfie of the intruder that later we will be able to see and to know what happened.

In addition, the tool has a false lock option, which hides the actual lock screen using animated screens.

It also includes the ability to hide the content of notifications, messages, incoming calls and chats, as well as the option to schedule the blocking of applications every certain amount of time elapsed.

Of course, without a doubt one of the most interesting features of the application is the blocking by faces, which offers us protection through the use of artificial intelligence, which makes the application always verify that it is us who try to unblock the mobile, using our face for it.

Although IObit Applock is free, the truth is that in order to enjoy all its features we must purchase its pro version, which has a cost of 2.99 dollars.

If you want you can try the free version of the application, downloading it from this link.

How to block applications without installing anything

So far we have reviewed some of the most interesting applications available on Google Play to block applications on our Android mobile. However, is it possible to do this without installing any application on the phone?

Although at the beginning of the article we pointed out that by default the Android operating system does not include the possibility of blocking applications, and that is why we must resort to a tool that has been developed for that purpose, the truth is that some brands of mobile phones have integrated into their devices a factory software for it.

Some of the mobiles that include the default ability to block applications are OnePlus phones, some models of Xiaomi and Huawei cell phones. Basically in all cases the procedure is the same.

So here’s how to block applications on a Huawei phone without installing anything.

Step 1

The first thing we will do is to enter the system settings, and once there we will have to click on the Security and Privacy section.

Step 2

Within this section, we must click on the option “Blocking Apps”.

Step 3

Finally, all that remains is to activate the blocking option and choose the applications that we want to keep protected with blocking.

We may also choose to block the SIM card completely, so that no one can have access to this sensitive information.

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