The potato : benefits and virtues

Pope benefits and virtues

The potato (Solanum tuberosum) is a perennial plant native to South America that offers many health benefits and virtues.

It is one of the most consumed vegetables in Europe and the favourite of the French: we consume about 30 kg of it per year and per inhabitant!

potato benefits

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Potato, benefits and virtues

Rich in carbohydrates, potassium, magnesium and also in fiber, the potato is considered a complete vegetable and contributes to a good dietary balance associated with a varied diet. It contains an impressive amount of vitamins and minerals with beneficial health effects.

Very rich in potassium when cooked in water, potatoes are a diuretic and are prescribed in the diet of people with heart disease.

Baked in the oven, the potato is very rich in vitamin C, which makes it the queen of our winter vegetables.

It is also known for its anti-scorbutic virtues (scurvy is a disease due to lack of vitamin C in the diet).

Steamed potato is an ideal food for athletes because it provides the necessary energy over a long period of time and the potassium and magnesium it contains helps muscle cells to contract.

Contrary to popular belief, the potato is a dietary food that eats without getting fat and finds its place in a low-calorie diet, as long as you don’t eat it like French fries!

Potato also relieves stomach pain. If you suffer from a stomach ulcer, know that the juice extracted from the raw potato will relieve your pain and help the ulcer heal by reducing the acidity of the stomach.

Some naturopaths recommend raw potatoes for external use to treat small everyday ailments: bruises, minor burns, headaches, back or joint pain.

Potato cultivation

Potatoes need sunlight but don’t like places that are too hot. They will thrive in light but moist soil.

The ideal is a good garden soil, rich and well drained but fresh, with a rather neutral pH. The calcareous soil makes them more susceptible to diseases.

There are about 120 varieties of potatoes, although the 30 most cultivated represent 90% of the French production. Size, shape, precocity, firm or floury flesh are elements that differentiate one potato from another.

Among the tastiest varieties are pink fleshed potatoes, which are less productive than yellow fleshed ones.

The potato in the kitchen

Whether boiled, steamed, baked, mashed or in a salad, potatoes are always eaten cooked!

If you like steamed potatoes, opt for new ones.

To make your mashed potatoes, soups or baked potatoes a perfect success, choose a later variety.

And for fries, firm flesh potatoes are the best: Charlotte, Samba or Bintje.

It should be noted that the more colorful the potatoes are, the more beneficial they are: blue, purple, yellow or red flesh, these varieties are particularly interesting for their exceptionally high content of antioxidants.

Nutritional intake

75 kcal/100 g. Potatoes are rich in magnesium, fiber and potassium, which gives them many benefits. They also contain many vitamins E, B1, B6 and C and starch.

Potato is a slow sugar, one of the best by the way, that the body assimilates very well, without storing it immediately in fat like refined sugars.

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