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Tips for a successful Christmas tree decoration?

How to successfully decorate your Christmas tree

Choosing the tree and its location

First, of course, you have to decide what kind of Christmas tree to put up in your house.

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If you choose synthetic, you can be sure that there are no thorns in the soil and no recycling. But it will have a little less effect than a natural fir, which will have more character…

If your heart is inclined towards the charm of natural fir, choose your size according to the place it will occupy in your interior and the surface you have available.

To make your spruce last as long as possible, avoid placing it near a source of excessive heat, such as a radiator or fireplace.

Choose a theme for your tree

To successfully decorate your Christmas tree, start by choosing a theme that guarantees a harmonious whole.

It is this theme that will determine the materials and colors used. The possibilities are numerous: traditional decoration based on red and green, polar decoration composed of white, gray and blue, monochromatic decoration …

Start decorating your Christmas tree

Your tree is bought and placed in the ideal location, you have a clear idea of the type of Christmas decoration you want, now it’s time to start decorating! And to make it a success, we advise you to follow these steps:

  1. First place the star on top of the tree. What is often considered the finishing touch must be done first, to avoid disaster. By climbing a ladder, you run the risk of disturbing the existing decoration and dropping some balls in the process . Hang the star, or any other accessory of your choice (we can deviate from tradition!), before starting the rest.
  2. Then proceed to the installation of the light garland, which forms the basis of your decoration. Essential to bring the special magic of Christmas to your tree, it will also structure it. Don’t forget to choose the garland according to the theme you have chosen: it can be of one color or several, and if you are in doubt, choose white so you don’t make a mistake. Place it from top to bottom in a spiral, at regular intervals and deep enough in the tree to hide the wire, and leave room for the other garlands.
  3. Now you can hang the garlands without light, the balls and other hangers. Start with the unlit garlands and place them as before, but this time at the end of the branches. Be careful not to overload your tree, a garland may be enough! For the suspensions, start with the largest and end with the smallest. Be sure to distribute them evenly throughout the tree and don’t concentrate only on the ends of the branches.
  4. The real finishing touch is the foot of the tree! Cover it with a Christmas garland, cloth, a wicker basket… according to the decoration and the general theme chosen!

And of course, don’t forget to use the theme of your tree decoration in the rest of your interior, in light touches or more pronounced if you are a fan of this time of year!

Do you have any Christmas decoration ideas to share with us? That’s what the comments are for!

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