Tips for air travel with baby

5 tips for air travel with baby

Is this the first time you've been on a plane with your baby? Don't worry, there's no reason for the trip to go wrong. Here are five tips that will help you get to your destination with peace of mind.

airplane with baby

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The closer you get to the beginning, the more stressed you get. Anger, organization, crying, dehydration... You ask yourself a thousand and one questions. Don't worry, some airlines offer various services to make your life easier.

Cribs, free transport of strollers, special menu for babies... To take advantage of these services, please do not hesitate to ask for information and make your arrangements in advance. Here are five tips to make your trip with your baby go smoothly.

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  1. 5 tips for air travel with baby
  • 1 - Notify the airline that you are traveling with the baby
  • 2 - Remember to hydrate it well.
  • 3 - Reassure him
  • 4 - Planning for sufficient exchange rates
  • 5 - Take some toys with you
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  • 1 - Notify the airline that you are traveling with the baby

    On long-distance flights, cradles can be made available in all classes.

    Since the number of cribs on a flight is limited, it is essential to inform the airline of your baby's presence as soon as possible.

    You should also keep in mind that a baby menu may be offered. To make travel easier, a folding stroller is often allowed to the plane.

    This is collected when you get off the plane or when you pick up your luggage. Other types of strollers and baby carriages are usually checked in as baggage.

    According to the airlines, children under the age of two are not always assigned a seat. Your baby will have to travel in your lap.

    You will also have to hold it in your arms during take-off and landing and in case of turbulence. Babies are held by a specific belt attached to the passenger's belt.

    If they have their own seat, children must ride in an approved car seat of the "shell" type. It must be certified for air travel and fit the dimensions of the airplane seat. Parents are responsible for installing it.

    2 - Remember to hydrate it well.

    Because the air is dry and pressurized in the cabin, it is essential to regularly hydrate your child.

    Provide enough powdered milk and water. Swallowing will also help reduce pressure changes in the ears and prevent crying.

    You can also use a boob to regulate the pressure in their ears. You can also put a few drops of saline in your child's eyes if they are dry.

    3 - Reassure him

    If you don't take it easy on a plane, your baby will probably worry too.

    Since stress is communicative, you should think about being calm before and during the flight. Your child will be calmer and less angry.

    Don't hesitate to talk and reassure him during take-off and landing, or to take a walk down the aisle during the flight, holding him in your arms.

    Some parents may also feel anxious to "disturb" other passengers when their baby cries. But remember, they will be sympathetic. Again, guilt is not the way to calm your child.

    No matter what the comments or looks, maintain self-control until your child calms down.

    4 - Planning for sufficient exchange rates

    Diapers, wipes, bottles, jars... Remember to take enough for the whole trip, not forgetting the return trip. It is essential that the child feels good during the whole flight.

    Don't hesitate to wash his face from time to time - it always feels good! You can also change your clothes regularly, especially if the wait in the departure hall has been long.

    The interior of the cabin is air-conditioned, so remember to pack warm clothes to keep your child warm. Keep in mind that if your child has a cold, it's best to consult a doctor before leaving to clear his or her airway.

    If you also have an ear infection, seek the advice of a health care professional to avoid pressure-related pain during takeoff or landing.

    5 - Take some toys with you

    To keep your baby busy, remember to take his favorite toys, not to mention his stuffed animal!

    They will be your best allies in avoiding crying and anger.

    Also remember to take a small book, adapted to your age, to read you a story and draw your attention to something else when you start to worry...

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