Tips for Choosing the Ideal Pet

What is the best pet?

A pet is special and the comments, studies and criticisms will always be in many ways positive regarding the benefits of having a pet but I would prefer to give you some small advice based on my experience that would be advisable to take into account before acquiring it, whether you adopt or Buy it, think it over because it deserves affection.

      • Find a little animal that you love, that you say “I love,” because only this way you will tolerate their mischief.
      • If it is a puppy or kitten has to be a race that fills you or even is not of race, it should cover your expectations of size and space, remember that it will grow.
      • A pet requires time outdoors, if left alone and locked up all the time it will be sad for him/her
      • Do you have allergies? Check that it is not the little animal you intend to include in your life.
      • A pet will always be an extra expense, if you are short of budget at this time may be convenient to postpone: vaccines, food, shampoo, veterinary appointments, etc.
      • Cleanliness, will you be willing to clean up the clutter and needs?
        If the pet is for your children and you condition it to acquire it under the precept that the children will be responsible, think twice.

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      • Patience, because the ideal is that you take care of it with affection.
      • Have children? If so, consider whether you get along with them and whether they will have the ability to support you in your care.
      • Does it fit your schedule? If you are a person who travels a lot or is not home most of the time, you may need to consider acquiring a pet, unless you are always going to take it with you.
      • Do you have your doubts? Perhaps you can start with a fish or a bird, which require a little less attention than a dog or a cat, for an intermediate case perhaps a hamster may be an option.
      • But before choosing to remember: they are living beings and deserve affection, respect, and attention.

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