Tips for using your concealer well

Anti-dark circles tips: choose, use and maintain to hide dark circles

How to choose your concealer?

The concealer is designed to hide dark circles and illuminate the lower part of the eyes. Therefore, you should choose a shade under your foundation. This will give your complexion a radiant glow and highlight your cheekbones.

choose your concealer

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You can also choose it with a special subtone, designed to counteract the color of your dark circles. If your dark circles are blue-purple, choose an orange background. If they are brown, choose a pink background.

The corrector also comes in different textures. Choose a creamy one if you want a covering effect and feel comfortable with a brush application, otherwise use a stick for speed and lightness.

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  1. Anti-dark circles tips: choose, use and maintain to hide dark circles
  • How to apply the corrector?
  • Tip: Keep the concealer on all day.
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  • How to apply the corrector?

    You have chosen the corrector that suits you best, now it's time to move on to the application:

    You can apply it before or after the foundation, depending on your needs. If applied before, the coverage effect will be multiplied by ten. Afterwards, its effect will be less pronounced.

    Whether you apply it with a stick, a brush, a finger or a sponge, the rule is the same: hit the material but don't stretch it out. Apply the corrector delicately in small strokes, then melt the material by tapping it until you get a uniform finish.

    Tip: Keep the concealer on all day.

    To fix your concealer and prevent it from slipping into your fine lines during the day, there are several tips:

    - Apply a special base before applying your concealer. It is designed to create a thin layer between the skin and the product, so the concealer does not meet all the irregularities of the skin. This will keep it consistent and even.

    - A crucial step to make your product stick: dust! To consolidate and fix your concealer, apply translucent powder to the top. Bonus: the powder will prevent your concealer from shining and looking wet (especially if it's a cream), so the result will look more natural.

    - You can also use a fixative spray, which will make your concealer and the rest of your makeup stick. Simply apply the mist about 30 cm from your face. Don't worry, it won't leave a wet film on your skin. On the contrary, fixative sprays have the particularity of being imperceptible.

    Here we go, here we go for a year-round glow! Do you have any more tips on how to use the concealer to share? Comments!

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