9 tips to remove a blood stain

All the tips for cleaning up a blood stain in your home

A blood stain can quickly leave a mark. To avoid this, the first thing to avoid is hot water, which can bind the blood.

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Then always remember to clean a blood stain from the outside in to prevent it from spreading and finally choose the right products to apply to the right surfaces - follow the guide!

1. Cleaning a blood stain on a mattress

If you accidentally stain a mattress with blood, the first thing you should do is run to your freezer to get an ice cube; go back to the room and gently rub the blood stain to dilute it. Then wash with a little soap and rinse well.

You can also go to your pharmacy and take the can of soluble aspirin, dissolve a pill in a glass of water, pour the solution over the stain and rub the blood.

Finally, if you wear contact lenses, you can use the lens care product to remove the bloodstain. Apply it directly to the lens, allow it to lather, and then clean with soap and water.

2. Cleaning the stain on a mattress

If you haven't seen the bloodstain on your mattress immediately and have had time to dry, know that there are effective solutions for old bloodstains: Dakin and baking soda.

For Dakin, simply soak a cotton ball and rub the blood stain with it.

For the baking soda, wet the blood stain once, sprinkle it with baking soda and wet it again. Then let the dough dry, remove the crust and repeat the operation if necessary.

3. Recovering stained sheets

Baking soda is an environmentally friendly cleaning product that can also be used to clean a blood stain on a sheet.

To do this, dilute one part of baking soda with two parts of water. Put the solution on the stain, wait 30 minutes and rub gently. Then put your sheet in the washing machine.

If you don't have bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide is a good alternative. To remove the blood stain, immediately rinse with cold water and then apply the product directly to it.

Repeat until the stain is gone and you have finished cleaning with cold water. If the fabric is fragile, dilute the hydrogen peroxide beforehand.

4. Cleaning a comforter

To clean a bloodstained comforter, soak a sponge with ammonia, rub the stain - and even beyond to avoid halos - and then put your comforter in the machine.

If you don't have ammonia on hand, soak the blood stain with the juice of a lemon, leave it for a few minutes and rub it with cold water. If there is any trace left, repeat the operation.

5. Cleaning the stain on a cotton ball

To remove blood stains from cotton textiles, whether on the sofa, curtains or clothing, it is best to act quickly.

You can use white vinegar: simply soak a cloth in vinegar diluted in water and rub the stain.

To get rid of a blood stain on your curtains or the cover of a removable cotton sofa, soak the fabric in salt water.

The salt will absorb the blood.

Soda is also an excellent cleaner. To get rid of the red stain, soak a sponge in glue, rub the stain and put your fabric in the machine.

6. Remove it from the leather or chamois

Removing it from the leather is not an impossible mission... if you have white vinegar at home!

To make your leather look like new, rub the blood mark with a cloth soaked in white vinegar diluted in water, it should not resist.

If the blood is on a jacket or suede garment, dilute some ammonia in water and gently rub the critical area until the stain disappears.

7. Clean wool, silk or other delicate stained fabrics

To remove blood from a wool or plaid vest, there is an easy and inexpensive solution: rub the stain with wet starch and rinse.

This trick works with all delicate fabrics, but when in doubt, always test the product on a small, unobtrusive part of the fabric.

8. Loosen a stained carpet

If your white carpet is left after an accident with blood stains, don't panic: just clean it with water and coarse salt, which will absorb the stain. Rinse the area around the stain with plenty of water to avoid halos.

9. Removing the stain from a wooden or rough concrete floor

If you have a parquet or rough concrete floor, act directly on the stain while it is still fresh by absorbing the blood with absorbent paper and cleaning the stain with soapy water.

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  1. 1. Cleaning a blood stain on a mattress
  2. 2. Cleaning the stain on a mattress
  3. 3. Recovering stained sheets
  4. 4. Cleaning a comforter
  5. 5. Cleaning the stain on a cotton ball
  6. 6. Remove it from the leather or chamois
  7. 7. Clean wool, silk or other delicate stained fabrics
  8. 8. Loosen a stained carpet
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