Top 10 sites for temporary email addresses

When you want to deal with subscription advertising or websites you don’t trust, a temporary email address is your best option.

Instead of giving your personal email address, these disposable email addresses will be online for a period of time and will be discarded on their own.

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There are a lot of online services that provide email services as you can in terms of free and paid services. These services and their features are different.

In this article, we have discussed how to get rid of spam and unwanted items from your inbox using disposable email services.

We have listed the best temporary email services that are available online. You can choose the service you need based on your needs.

For personal use, most of these disposable email services offer a free disposable email ID.

Please do not use these services to share private and sensitive information. We do not promote illegal activities that you may perform using disposable email services.

The best temporary email address sites are:


This temporary messaging service allows you to create multiple aliases. E4ward forwards all emails to your primary email address from the assigned aliases.

A free user can only have one alias. You can opt for the premium service to have multiple aliases.

With this disposable email service, the user can even have more space in the cloud to store emails. In addition, you can personalize your email to “” by adding your domain.
10 minute email

Here is a disposable email address that deletes itself after 10 minutes.

However, you can extend or restart the timer by clicking the ‘refresh’ button.

This restores the 10-minute timer. E-mail addresses of this type are useful when you want to check a new service.

You can even temporarily subscribe to a service using this email address. This disposable email service is easy to use and more reliable in terms of privacy.


In Mailinator, you can use any alias you want to receive e-mails. This disposable e-mail service is in the public domain, and e-mails are publicly available.

The alias you choose can be used by anyone else. The emails you receive are deleted after a few hours. The premium plan will have its own personal alias that no one else can access.


TempMail is also another public disposable email service. This means that if two people choose the same alias, they both receive the same emails.

This disposable email service does not comply with the privacy code at all. A unique feature that TempMail gives its user is multiple domains.

You can even change the domain name of the disposable email. To change the domain name and alias, click the “Change” button.

Never use this type of email when signing up for a service. It can be hacked if someone else gets their hands on your alias and domain.


Nothing is a disposable email service from the creators of AirMail. This disposable email service is convenient for subscribing to Internet services.

Nothing provides a permanent temporary inbox for your users.

The inbox is valid until the domain remains active. You will receive a notification from them one month before the domain is updated.

With the Nada email service, you can create multiple aliases and domain combinations by clicking on the “Add Inbox” button. You can remove the alias manually after use or as needed.


MohMal in Arabic means “junk mail”. Users of this service will benefit from multilingual support. With MohMail, the email you create will be discarded after 45 minutes. E

his is to ensure protection against other users. You should refresh it periodically to prevent it from being erased. You can also create your alias and choose the desired domain name by clicking “create”.


In ThrowAwayMail, users receive a unique disposable email identification number. ThroAwayMail is valid for 48 hours.

To make it a permanent address, you must visit the email page before completing 48 hours. Please make sure that cookies are enabled on your browser to ensure the proper functioning of this service.


This disposable email service provides you with a unique email address. You can use it to sign up or to receive other emails.

In this service, users can retrieve their email address after being deleted.

Use the recovery sheet to do this. Emails cannot be recovered after they are deleted.

There is no specific time limit for how long your email will remain in your inbox. In addition, they clean their servers periodically.

They also offer a premium service where you can have multiple disposable emails with access to certain exclusive domains and the option to save the emails locally.


YOPmail provides 8 days of storage for received emails. Users can delete emails at any time.

It also has support for multiple languages. Their service seems to be first class with a very clean user interface. You cannot write emails here and send them to other service providers.

Users can only send anonymous emails to domains used by YOPmail. In addition, they offer a plug-in for their browsers for quick access to disposable email.

Disposable email services

There are times when you don’t feel comfortable sharing your email address. You may have privacy issues or you may not be sure if you trust the service provider with your email.

At those times, disposable email services will cover you for your security and privacy. Disposable email services guarantee anonymity most of the time.

The term “disposable email” refers to a specific type of email address. Users can dispose of emails or delete them by scheduling or within a specific time frame.

You can manually delete it later. Some services allow the user to create multiple e-mail aliases.

The user can choose to delete it when he or she receives unsolicited e-mails forwarded to the original e-mail address from any of these aliases.

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