Which is the best program for transferring photos the iPhone or iPad?

Transferring photos the iPhone or iPad

If there’s one thing Apple users generally aren’t too happy with is the way we transfer data between our device and the computer, whether it’s Windows or Mac.

iTunes, the program that takes care of this task, is not at all intuitive, effective, or ends up liking it. He insists on making complicated what should be a simple process.Transferring photos the iPhone or iPad

Fortunately, programs are emerging that make these transfer tasks much simpler, and DearMob iPhone Manager has been one of the additions, keeping what is easy to do. Thanks to him we can pass both data and photos from or to our device without having to play the lottery iTunes.

Now with special incentive, a draw!

As if everything we have told you were not enough, if we tell you that among all those who buy DearMob iPhone Manager there will be a draw of 10 winners, the opportunity becomes irresistible. The prizes are:

  • A gimbal for iPhone Osmo Mobile 2. Your videos and photos always stabilized, prize worth $129.
  • A printer for your Phone, specifically the Lifeprint 2×3 Instant and with a price close to 150 dollars.
  • A lens for iPhone Olloclips, with a value ranging from $ 99 and 109 depending on the model.
  • What makes DearMob iPhone Manager special?
  • First of all, we found that DearMob iPhone Manager is for Windows and Mac operating systems and that it manages to transfer even large files in very few seconds. Whether it’s backing up and/or restoring your iPhone or iPad, transferring and managing all your photos and videos, music, phonebook or messages – sync them at the touch of a mouse!

What else do we get with DearMob iPhone Manager?

Very easy, all those tasks that with iTunes are done in a tedious way, or that simply do not finish being done.

  • Pass the photos with a single click between your iOS device and your computer.
  • You can selectively browse the photos you want, either by albums, by dates or the selection you prefer.
  • Yes, we love this option, you can convert from HEIC to JPG, so you can see them without any inconvenience on your computer without compatibility problems.
  • Surely you know what are the metadata of the photos, are all those who store information about the place, date, time of exposure … DearMob iPhone Manager preserves them.
  • Don’t be afraid if you love to do Live Photos on your device, they’re the same!
  • Do you need to free up space? So it’s time to make backups and pass the photos to the computer.
  • We don’t just talk about photos, obviously you can do these same tasks with your best videos, dare the 8k!
  • Tired of playing music with iTunes and not having it appear on your iPhone? Now it’s much easier with DearMob iPhone Manager. Export, add or delete your playlists without loss of quality.
  • Convert OGG format to a simpler, more comfortable format or create ringtones with your favorite themes.
  • Restore your backups and encrypt them, save your contacts or those SMS that you don’t want to lose.

If you are willing to try the advantages of DearMob download your free license to see that everything we say is true.

  • DearMob iPhone Manager runs independently without any Apple service. Although the iPhone backup software must install iTunes in order to connect to and access the iOS device, you won’t miss iTunes at all.
  • Further protect your privacy by adapting multiple asymmetric and symmetric cryptography encryption algorithms, including 1024-bit RSA, 256-bit AES, PBKDF2, Argon 2, powerfully block data on your iPhone or iPad.

About DearMob

DearMob is a software provider with a cutting-edge development perspective. DearMob is led by innovative products that include both DearMob iPhone Manager and free applications such as 5KPlayer, iPhone Photo Manager or iPhone Music Manager. The brand has programs for Mac, Windows, iOS and soon Android.

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