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Travel to A ORLANDO

Orlando is a land of fantasy known for offering a treasure trove of attractions. With simple Tips to travel to Orlando you will enjoy your trip much more.

This place is frequented for hitting children and adults with equal fervor and emotion.

How to travel to A ORLANDO
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Tourists must book flights on time.

Major operators offer cheap airfares if tickets are booked well in advance.

As soon as you land here, a magical world will open before your eyes. Here you can experience adventure, excitement and fun.

Walt Disney World Resort has made this city popular all over the world. Follow these tips to travel to orlando that we offer you below:

Tips and recommendations for traveling to Orlando

In addition to the theme parks, this city has a reputation for many other attractions.

Like the presence of Walt Disney theme park that has become more or less an iconic symbol of our days, it is best known for that attraction.

Large operators offer direct flights to this incredible destination visible from various parts of the world.

Since then, the city has several attractions, visitors should plan their itinerary so that everyone can visit or they can decide to visit highlights according to their interest.

Many theme parks have water-related activities, where a change of clothes is recommended.

If we get wet, bring an extra set of clothes, you don't have to worry as many theme parks have to rent clothes that suit you well for these activities.

After complete pleasure in these theme parks, visitors can enjoy their favorite food in various catering venues that are available in the parks.

How much is eaten in orlando

It's really a lot more expensive you can pay about three times more than normal, we recommend bringing food from outside, although you can always eat inside from time to time.

Kitchens representing various regions of the world are available. Some of the restaurants are based on a particular theme.

Food and atmosphere represent this theme.

One attraction is Arabian Nights Dinner where waiters and all staff are dressed in Arabian costume. Sumptuous food can be enjoyed in a sumptuous atmosphere.

Likewise, there's Capone Dinner.

Where there is a spectacle in which the mobsters, Al Capone and related characters fascinate visitors with their unique way of representing both American Indians.

To enjoy all this fun, you need to book cheap flights to Orlando in advance.

Every time we think about Orlando, everyone thinks about the theme parks that are there, but they don't realize everything else.

There are multiple zones in Orlando to visit apart from the theme parks.

Over enjoying these theme parks, there are many activities in which tourists and visitors can see some impressive performances.

Festivals, Shopping Center, Lake Eola Park, museums, shows, games and many other activities can be found in Orlando.

What to do in Orlando apart from theme parks

You can visit theaters such as Disney House of Blues, Amway Center, Theater Center, Bob Carr Performing Arts Center and many other places.

Music festivals are also periodically hosted by the city to promote incipient talent in the field of music.

Shopping lovers can enjoy the Mall of Millenia, Florida Mall, high-end retail outlets of various international brands and many other locations.

These days, cheap tickets to Orlando are readily available. On budget you can book these tickets and enjoy a perfect stay in this beautiful destination.

Other tips for travelling to orlando

Going in February is better than January. You'll always find good weather, though. Maybe a rain or two.

Stay outside the park, it's a lot cheaper and you're in a car five or ten minutes from any park.

Buy the PASSPORT that will allow you to enter indistinctly from one park to another. It's worth it.

The lunches will have to be made inside the park, although if you consume inside, you will pay three times or more what a vulgar sandwich costs.

That's why we recommend that you bring your own something. You shop at the supermarket, and you have your lunch ready. There are lockers to rent for $5.00, where you can keep whatever you carry.

There are lunch tables near the lockers and bathrooms.

If your child is still very young, you can take a stroller to move it from one side to the other, as it will end the day exhausted.

You can rent a car. There are good rates.

There are attractions that have the FAST PASS system, you can take out the tiket to enter without queuing and you can enter from two to three hours, so that in those attractions where there are many more people, ask for the FAST PASS and until you get in, you can go entering other attractions where there are not so many people.

In February, it's low season, so you shouldn't have any problems with quotas, space, reservations of any kind/class.

When to go. Considering the number of people who visit Orlando, this first point is important. On vacation it's not nice to be lining up for everything. The school break in the northern hemisphere is a bad time to visit the parks. The same goes for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

Coinciding with holidays for Argentines, January and February (except for some weekends that coincide with U.S. holidays) are low season months for ground services, but not for air tickets. In "our" summer, there are fewer people in the parks, but airplane tickets will have to be purchased in advance.

Airplane tickets. You have to book the airplanes as soon as you decide you want to make the trip.

The prices usually change from one day to the next and if one does not have flexibility of dates (by the schooling of the children or other issues) this issue is paramount.

The high season dates for the Argentine market require greater anticipation both for those who intend to use miles and for those who are not willing to pay a fortune. Anticipation can also be used to check travel documents: valid passport and visa.

Searches can be made by travel agencies or directly by airline booking engines. Testing several dates is important for accessing different options.

It is usually best to choose the company in which you are a frequent flyer in order to accumulate (or redeem) miles. Also important for the choice of agency and airline is the one that offers the best financing or even some temporary promotion.

How many days. Minimum five days. It is said that the ideal is between 8 and 10 days, but everything depends on the plans we have for the stay. Every day in a park is exhausting, so it can be wise to intersperse a few days of rest or quieter activities.

Accommodation. There are more and more options, between hotels, apartments and rental houses. But the first thing to decide is whether we want to be inside the parks or in an external hotel.

Both Disney and Universal have their own hotels. And important advantages for staying in them such as transportation to and from the airport, to and from the parks, free parking or overtime in the parks (before the park opens or after the park closes).

There are also "partner hotels" that have some benefits.

Services to take into account when choosing a hotel: parking, wi-fi, transportation to parks or shopping centers, location, breakfast -which in general is not included, but there are exceptions- and shopping reception service (if we do shopping online, before the trip, with shipping to the hotel).

Mobility. The car rental depends on each one and it will be essential if we are in a hotel that does not have transportation to the parks.

It's important to think about what we'll do every day. If you stay at Disney and go to the parks for five days and to a shopping centre for one day... the car makes no sense as the hotel offers free transport and you can go to the mall by taxi.

To give you an idea, a taxi from the Pop Century Resort to the Premium Outlets Vineland shopping center costs US$ 19 (per leg), while up to Universal costs between US$ 35 and US$ 40. Parking at Disney and Universal costs US$ 20 per day.

Meals. Only those who stay at a Disney hotel will be able to access the meal plan for their entire stay: there are times when this plan is free with the hotel reservation, other times it has discounts of 50%. For those who don't have any plans, in the parks, a lunch for a typical family with hamburgers and soft drinks costs around US$ 50.

Parks. The tickets for the parks are sold in different versions and it is an important cost of the trip. Basically, you can buy the ticket for each park separately or tickets that allow you to enter several parks on the same day. The more days you buy, the cheaper the cost of admission per day. Let's look at some examples.

A day in Magic Kingdom costs US$ 105 for those over 10 in "economic" days; US$ 110 in "normal" and US$ 124 in "high season" (in Epcot, Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios it costs US$ 97, US$ 102 and US$ 114 respectively).

The 5 day pass in the parks costs US$ 340 for seniors: do the math, here we would be paying US$ 68 per day/park. If we add the Hopper option (visit more than one park per day), the entrance fee is a little more expensive, depending on the number of days we buy. Tickets are valid for 14 days from the first day we enter a park.

Many museums and entertainment centers should be better visited in groups or with a family, as in this case one can get good discounts. Some museums offer free admission for children under the age of three and sufficient discounts are offered to children between the ages of 4 and 17.

Young people seeking to visit local food and entertainment establishments must have an authorized copy of the identification documents themselves. Restaurants and bars are prohibited from selling alcoholic and alcoholic beverages to visitors under the age of 21. Casinos and nightclubs are age-restricted establishments.

Parks of Orlando

Toy Story at Disney, Orlando

At Universal the online ticket is US$ 20 cheaper than the one bought on the spot. Some examples of fares on the web: a ticket for a park costs US$ 105 for adults and US$ 100 for children; two days, US$ 169.99 and US$ 159.99. If you buy "park to park" tickets, that is, in one day to enter both parks, the cost is for one day, US$ 155 for adults and US$ 150 for minors, while for two days, the rates are US$ 219.99 and US$ 209.99.

Watch out, at all the prices exposed -whether it's a hamburger, a jean or a ticket- you have to add taxes (between 6 and 7 percent, depending on the city; in Orlando it's 6.5 percent).

Quick passes. The issue of the ranks has to be taken into account. It is no longer just a matter of buying the tickets but there are certain attractions that are usually in high demand.

And sometimes the waiting time - especially in high school - is frustrating. In Disney there is the fast pass, a free system that allows you, if you bought the tickets in advance, to reserve a day and a specific time to enter a game.

The system offers the possibility of booking up to 3 games and once used, you can book one more, in the same park (there are machines available for this).

In the case of Universal, the quick pass is purchased separately: for one park it costs from US$ 34.99; for two, from US$ 39.99. Note that there are attractions, such as some games linked to the world of Harry Potter for which you can not use these passes.

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