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Travel to Cuba

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, and for a wide variety of reasons related to its natural beauty.

Discover some recommendations and tips to travel to Cuba that can help you make a great vacation or business trip.

travel to Cuba

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Its rich culture and the recent history of humanity, is becoming an increasingly popular destination.

In addition, with the recent improvements in US-Cuba relations, now is a good time to visit and experience this rich, colorful land and its people.

Although Cuba is relatively "western" and modern, as with all foreign destinations, it is always important to respect customs and etiquette when visiting the locals.

Here are some tips for traveling to Cuba that will help ensure a more enjoyable experience.

Discover some tips and mistakes to avoid.

Tips and recommendations for traveling to Cuba

The typical and current clothing of Cuba

The dress code in Cuba is relatively informal. Shorts and bikinis are appropriate on the beach. Cubans in general tend to dress according to the weather, although not excessively provocative.

Shorts or light pants with short sleeve shirts or sleeveless shirts are generally fine.

Of course, a little courtesy, for example, take off your baseball cap at a restaurant and don't leave your clothes all over the hotel room floor.

After all, we are guests in your home country!

Current policy of Cuba

Although there is a history of long data and direct economic ties with European and other nations (and especially the U.S. before 1959), including the bases of a hybrid capitalist economy, Cuba remains a one-party state.

Although for quite some time now, you will find that Cubans today are more liberated, committed and willing to discuss this fascinating element of their society, which is a part of what makes the country an incredible place!

Money in Cuba

Cuba functions as a dual economy with two official currencies, including the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) and the Cuban Peso (CUP). The Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) is used by visitors.

All goods and services are priced and paid in convertible pesos. The Cuban peso (CUP), also called the national currency, is only used by Cubans.

The fun begins when you realize that both citizens and all tourists can and do use both types of currency.

From this print, the CUC is valued to equal the dollar at a ratio of 1:1 so $ 1 USD equals 1 CUC.

Although it usually has a 10 percent surcharge when trading dollars for CUC so you can expect to receive approximately $0.87 CUC for every U.S. dollar.

You can check the exchange rate of the CUC against other currencies such as the Euro on the CUBA CENTRAL BANK website.

Tips in hotels in Cuba and prices for tourists

Service charges are increasingly common in places such as Havana and other tourist dependent areas.

This also includes state restaurants, where a 10 percent service charge is common. This includes hotel, bar and restaurants, taxi and tour guides, particularly when the latter gives you good advice or suggestions on things to see and do.

Tourists pay tourist prices wherever they go, they will have to pay more than a Cuban national.

In restaurants, hotels and taxis everything will cost foreigners more. Tourism is the island's main industry, so it should come as no surprise that things cost more.

Not only are you expected to pay with a more valuable coin, you are also expected to pay more of that coin. It's a fair price to see one of the rare jewels of the Caribbean.

Now you can travel quietly as the younger generations and those working in the hotel industry, in particular, are much more open to it and activism is on the rise. In fact, Cuba is a great choice for gay and lesbian travelers!

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