Travel to Italy

Do you want to know one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Look at these Tips to travel to Italy, which will help you when planning your trip.

Known as the boot of the world, Italy is a country located in Europe, which is a member of the European Union.

Tips to travel to Italy

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Italy has been home to great regents, conquerors and dictators.

They forged immense cities and architectural works that we can still enjoy today.

This country that has given a lot to talk about, is an excellent destination for tourists, because culturally it has a lot to offer.

For you who want to know this wonderful country, I have brought the following tips to travel to Italy.

Tips and Tricks for travelling to Italy

Many choose to go to Italy and hire a whole package, which includes accommodation, guided tours, and food.

This isn’t all bad. But it turns out that on many occasions these packages do not meet the expectations of tourists, leaving them wanting more, and sometimes even disappointed.

So that this does not happen to you, and you can enjoy all the benefits of this country, put aside these packages and travel on your own.

The food

Italian gastronomy is special, unique, so much so that its influence has touched much of the world.

But it’s not the same to taste Italian food in the restaurant on the corner of your house.

Italy is more than just pasta and pizza.

It has countless traditional dishes that will drive you crazy, but to try only the best, ask an Italian which is the best place, and forget to eat in the tourist area, because you will pay a lot for something of lesser quality.

The lavavos

This is an important point if you don’t want to spend a moment of shame with Italian countrymen.

In many bars, restaurants, or commercial premises, you will find when you go to the bathroom with which the taps do not expel water.

The truth is that magic arises at the moment of pressing a pedal that is in the area of the floor.

Public drinking troughs

It will seem strange or even uncomfortable, because it seems that you must bend over and practice a little contorsionism to be able to drink a little water.

But this is where residents are separated from tourists.

merla in her native country.

Well, the trick is to cover the main water outlet, and a squirt will come from the top of the pipe and bring the water directly to your mouth without a big effort.

Getting to know new places is an experience we all want to have.

But as each site has its own specific way of doing things, we must be well informed before visiting it so as not to have a bad time and save ourselves embarrassment.

Do not forget to take into account these tips to travel to Italy, and with it you will be able to enjoy your trip to the maximum.

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