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    1. Talk to people who have already traveled
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Travel to Rio de Janeiro

Are you planning on going to a relaxing yet beautiful place? Stop by and have a look at these Tips to travel to Rio de Janeiro.

South America, a continent that possesses a multitude of paradisiacal destinations, sculpted by nature. It also has beautiful cities that have become famous in the world for their receptivity to tourists.

Tips to travel to Rio de Janeiro
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Rio de Janeiro, located in Brazil's Bella, is world famous for football. But what many don't know is the full potential this city has to offer.

No doubt the new continent has places that will leave you speechless. And that without a doubt, will make you want to visit.

You still have to be very careful.

Although it is not as dangerous an area as it is painted, we recommend following some tips to travel to Rio de Janeiro that will be of great help.

Put them into practice and check the results.

Tips and Tricks to travel to Rio de Janeiro

Key point, the first thing you should do when you want to travel to Rio de Janeiro, is to take out travel insurance.

Take it as a great priority, because perhaps you should depend on it, and it is better to prevent than to regret.

Talk to people who have already traveled

You can search the Internet for a lot of information about this locality.

But the best thing is to ask someone who has already traveled to Rio de Janeiro important things such as where to stay, which guide to choose, among other things.

If this person has had a good time, chances are you have, too.

It is not advisable to be completely carried away by what is said in the travel guides or by what the hotel workers can tell you. Many tourists have had problems because the employees and the taxi driver turned out to be involved in irregular situations.

Travel accompanied

Wherever you go, it is highly recommended that you travel with someone else.

Especially for women (my apologies, it is not my intention to cause controversy, but this is a great truth) try to travel with at least one man, this will give you greater security.

It goes unnoticed.

The best thing is to mix with the local people. Watch how they walk and dress, so you can imitate them.

This way you won't attract attention. Also, stay alert and visit busy areas.

If you see that one of your destinations is very lonely, it is best to return later in the day when there is more traffic.

What to bring?

To dress, light clothes, since it is a tropical country. Don't forget the sunscreen, and a good bathing suit that can't be missing.

I know you love to take pictures and record videos, but the best thing is to travel with as few electronic devices as possible.


There are multiple transportation options, such as taxis, which I recommend that you take only those who work with the hotel.

The bus is also efficient, but if you don't want to have a bad time, hold on with all your strength.

Because drivers are frustrated formula one drivers, so speed, and recklessness reign.

The metro is also a good option, but has very few stops, so it is only to travel to very punctual places.


You can find hostels, hotels, and even apartments.

Be very aware of the reputation that previous users have given to each other, and preferably.

Choose the one that an acquaintance recommends because he has tried it himself.

Rio de Janeiro is a great destination that you should visit at least once in your life.

Even so you must be careful, because the streets are not as unsafe as is shown internationally, although as everywhere, we know of cases where the tourist has ended up paying a high price.

For that reason, remember to keep these tips in mind when traveling to Brazil, and everything will be fine.

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