Traveler's disease : symptoms, causes

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  1. Motion sickness
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Motion sickness

Dizziness is a temporary but very unpleasant condition that mainly affects children. It occurs during a trip, regardless of the means of transport used: car, train, plane, boat...

Traveler's disease

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Dizziness (or kinesis, spatial adaptation syndrome) is a mild but very unpleasant temporary disorder.

It usually occurs during a trip, regardless of the means of transport used: car, train, plane, boat or public transport.

Motion sickness primarily affects children (ages 3-12), but can also affect adults (women are more likely to develop symptoms associated with motion sickness than men).


The mechanism of dizziness is complex: it appears when the brain receives contradictory information between visual perception, the perception of body movement (through the inner ear, the organ of balance) and the perception of our body in space.

Certain external factors promote dizziness and increase the signs associated with the disorder. These factors include:
- noise;
- heat inside the vehicle;
- eating a very heavy meal;
- unpleasant odors (gasoline, cigarettes, cooking...);
- stress or anxiety.


The most common symptoms of dizziness are:
- Heartburn;
- stomach discomfort;
- paleness;
- sweating;
- nausea and/or vomiting;
- headache;
- dizziness.

The symptoms usually disappear as soon as the brain has adapted to the situation.

Prevention advice

People who are susceptible to motion sickness may follow some recommendations to avoid the appearance of associated symptoms.

Before the trip

- Eat lightly before going out (avoid fatty products), but do not go out on an empty stomach. - Sleep
well the night before the trip.

During the trip

- Preferably in the front of the vehicle. If you travel by train: prefer the direction of travel. - Set the horizon. - Do not read. - Eat in small amounts during the trip to calm the contractions of the stomach.

- Get fresh air as often as possible. In the car: open the window regularly, stop frequently. By boat: try to go outdoors.


Treatment of motion sickness is generally based on :

Take anti-nausea antihistamines based on dimenhydrinate (Nausicalm) or diphenhydramine (Nautamine) one hour before departure, and then repeat if necessary. They have important drowsy effects (which should be avoided by drivers). Namely: some antihistamines, Mercalm and Nausicalm, are no longer available without a prescription;

The application of patches about 10 hours before the trip, acting for 72 hours. They are especially suitable for a long trip or a cruise.

Homeopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and naturopathy may be helpful for a person prone to motion sickness.

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Cocculine is the homeopathic medicine traditionally used for dizziness:
In tablets: in adults, 2 tablets 3 times a day the day before and the day of departure, then 2 tablets in case of symptoms during the trip; in children, 1 tablet 3 times a day the day before and the day of departure, then 1 tablet in case of symptoms during the trip;

Or in granules: 1 dose of granules to be melted under the tongue the day before and just before departure, then 1 dose during the trip as soon as symptoms appear.

If traveling by plane or boat, it is possible to combine Borax 9 CH: 5 granules 3 times a day the day before departure, then 5 granules every hour during the trip if necessary.

If the subject is apprehensive about traveling in anticipation of symptoms associated with dizziness, he or she may take 5 pellets 3 times a day the day before and on the day of departure from Gelsemium 15 CH.

If your travel phobia makes you very agitated, you can take 5 granules 3 times a day the day before and the day of departure of Argentum nitricum 15 CH instead of Gelsemium.


It is recommended to drink fresh ginger tea throughout the trip (2 teaspoons of root per cup of boiling water). The World Health Organization recognizes the use of ginger in motion sickness;


To prevent and alleviate dizziness, pour a few drops of peppermint essential oil into a breathing tissue frequently.

Not recommended for pregnant women and children under 6. Please note, there are restrictions for children under 6 and pregnant women. It is imperative to read the precautions for use of any essential oil before use.


Some useful tips when suffering from dizziness:
- avoid strong odors: try to find fresh air, open windows;
- avoid smoking and drinking when travelling by car;
- relax;
- travel at night to avoid seeing the landscape, which sometimes causes dizziness.

You can also equip each wrist with an anti-nausea bracelet, which presses on an acupuncture point. Suitable for children from 3 years old.

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