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  1. Traveling to Japan
    1. Tips and recommendations for traveling to Japan
    2. Do some research on the local culture
    3. Do not tip in Japan
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Traveling to Japan

Do you want to travel to Japan and need to know more about this culture? Stay and have a look at these recommendations and Tips for traveling to Japan that will surely be of some help to you.

There are many countries.

Tips for traveling to Japan

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All with marked differences in culture, which become distinctive of its inhabitants worldwide.

We can find people from certain countries who are fascinated by being late.

Others tend to be very impulsive, just as others put planning aside and rely more on their own intuition.

Japan, for its part, is a country that is characterized by having a culture of many centuries, with a chaotic history full of wars both world, and internal, but which collected the best.

Today, they are envied for being the most disciplined country in the world, where its inhabitants are fanatics of punctuality.

And where it's almost impossible to see homeless people or find a stray dog on the streets.

If you want to travel to this magnificent country, keep reading these tips to travel to Japan.

Tips and recommendations for traveling to Japan

Japan is a country with a rich ancestral culture, and this is evident in its celebrations.

You can destine your trip to contemplate a specific festival, or simply make it coincide with a quiet season in the country.

It's up to you.

Do some research on the local culture

The Japanese have consideration for the tourist.

But still don't feel bad knowing some simple things like how to hold the chopsticks.

Well, there's the normal one, and the one used in funerals.

Another custom they possess is detachment from shoes.

The Japanese consider that they bring dirt from the street to the house, besides that the shoes ruin the tatami, so they can make you look bad.

Do not tip in Japan

This is a very important point, because unlike Western cultures, in Japan it is very frowned upon to leave a tip, because in their culture, the price paid already includes good service.

So, don't be surprised if when it comes to tipping, they are fervently looking for you to return it to you.

Recommendations for Traveling to Japan - Sushi

I know, it's Japan, you want to try Sushi there, like typical local food.

Well, here you can find even greater variety.

Even so, the point of this section is to warn you, because to do Sushi in Japan, you must be quite a master (literally) and be certified by the state.

You should pay even more attention to this if the restaurant where you are going serves Fugu fish (puffer fish) because if it is not cut in the proper way.

A very potent toxin is released that will kill you in a matter of minutes.

Security in Japan

What's security like in this country?

Japan is one of the safest countries in the world.

So much so that if you lose your wallet full of money, the person who finds it will take you to the proper authorities.

And when you look for it in the "lost and found" department, you won't be missing a single ticket.

All this is due to the great respect that exists in the country.

Keep in mind these tips for traveling to Japan, and your trip will be a success.

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