Tips for travelling to Germany ➤ Tips and recommendations

Travelling to Germany

If you are thinking about travelling to Germany, here you have all the information you need to enjoy this European country.

A country of freedoms, exceptional culture and living conditions that give its own and visitors complete stability. Here are some useful tips for travelling to Germany.

travelling to Germany
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It is a charming and welcoming nation with its surprising climate, which accompanies eight tourist routes declared by Unesco as World Heritage, among which the cities of Lubeca and Stralsund stand out, with unforgettable landscapes worthy of a postcard.

It also incorporates pathways reminiscent of 16th-century Germany, as envisioned by Martin Luther. This, without leaving aside its impressive history and architecture that spans several centuries.

Tips and recommendations for travelling to Germany

Its capital is Berlin and it is part of the European Union (1 January 1958), as well as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

The geopolitical system is made up of 16 federated states that autonomously govern their destinies.

Among the curious facts about Germany include the origin of its name which is due to the tribe Alamanes and its Germanic gentilicio, to distinguish it from other non-Roman lineages who lived in Germania.

Here are some recommendations and tips to make your stay in this country is comforting and enjoyable. With these simple tips for travelling to Germany you can save yourself some trouble.

Best time to travel to Germany

Spring and summer are ideal for traveling to Germany, considering that in the latter, the rains take over many areas, although you can still know dream destinations. It emphasizes that for these times, the light of the day extends on 18 hours.

Between May and September you can travel to this unforgettable country. The conditions of the majestic Atlantic Ocean influence all states of Germany.

Towards the northwest side (through Hamburg), temperatures are above 16ºC, between 18-19ºC in Stuttgart, and in the Rhine Valley it reaches 20ºC.

However, in winter, they are at -3ºC in Berlin. If Frankfurt is mentioned, it should be noted that for six months the weather is bearable. Although it is always advisable to check the atmospheric conditions of the cities to visit.

In this way, you will carry in your suitcase what is necessary to protect yourself from any eventuality, or in its defect to be prevented. You can download an application to your smartphone that shows the weather forecast.

Where to go? What to see and visit in Germany

It’s a land that knew how to advance after World War II. From there, there are corners that keep a bit of history.

The Berlin Wall, demolished on November 9, 1989 and built in one day, is a safe stop for every tourist because of the historical significance that reminds all the dead people who tried to go to the western side. There is also the traditional Oktoberfest in Munich and the Wine Festival in Stuttgart in August.

To be in contact with nature, Eifel National Park waits with its volcanic lakes. At the same time, in this area, there are over a hundred volcanic craters and 9 of them are filled with water to the delight of everyone who can go and enjoy this beautiful place.

But this wonder hides a secret. Many areas of the park are not open to the public due to the risk of unexploded mines and explosives being buried. And that’s after almost 70 years since the end of World War II.

In case you want to delight your gaze more, it is meritorious to go to the Black Forest or Lake Constance. The Castles of Ludwig II of Bavaria also await with their rich medieval history. The Zam Museum and the New Pinacotea are ready to be discovered for their artistic value.

Germany’s best cities

Among the best cities in Germany are those where it causes you to stay forever. Munich shows its commercial power by being the largest geographical dimension and with a nightlife to enjoy it to the fullest. For art lovers, there’s Frankfurt, Germany’s charming city with an exclusive gastronomy and a unique shopping centre on the banks of the Main River.

There is also Cologne, with its imposing museums and cathedrals, as well as its Schildergasse shopping street, which has been preserved since Roman times. Hamburg, a land reminiscent of the Beatles, also has spaces for art, a port of 800 meters and botanical garden to meet again.

Another iconic city is Dusseldof, with a shopping street on the Rhine and extraordinary avenues, which impact tourists. It also has over a hundred bars, which offer the famous Altbier beer. There you will find Benrath Castle with a spectacular garden.

Recommendations for visiting Germany

Here are some useful tips if you are visiting this country for the first time.

  • Before visiting Germany it is important that you have some knowledge of the language, at least how to say hello or goodbye; however, many people are fluent in English.
  • In case of going to a restaurant, the gratuity is not obligatory, but if you want to leave, you can do it between 5 to 10% of the consumption value.
  • On the transport it is opportune to be documented in the official web page that offers the service.
  • If this is the first time you have visited one of its cities, it is recommended that you do not talk about the subject of the Second World War at first, as there is a great deal of sensitivity to it.
  • There’s no need to worry about land transport. All the airports are connected with routes that lead to the centres of the main cities. And although there is security, it is always wise to take protective measures to prevent theft, especially in areas of high tourist frequency.

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