Tips for travelling to London – Tips and recommendations for your trip

Travelling to London

Traveling and getting to know each other is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We propose you some simple recommendations and tips to travel to London with which you will get to enjoy and take advantage of your trip in style.

We all dream of the longed-for vacation and visit a place that has history, where even in the streets you can breathe the culture.

travelling to London
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A place that architecture itself transports you to those historical times that have made this destination so unique and appreciated.

But beware, do not take a trip to this city lightly, as there are several things you must take into account.

That’s why we present the following tips to travel to London that may be of some help to you.

London is a city where we can find not only current events, but also very solid cultural references, and its history is present in its architecture that does not cease to be dazzling and wonderful despite the years.

Advice and tips for travelling to London

The climate of London is very pleasant, because in summer it is quite mild, but the rains can arrive by surprise due to the irregularity of the climate.

Winter in turn tends to be temperate and humid.

Prepare your suitcase with rain boots, shoes that resist humidity and don’t forget an umbrella.

We also recommend that you make several layers of thin clothing, so you can adapt to the climate as the case may be.

Electric sockets in London

If when you arrive you want to connect your laptop or mobile to the electricity to charge it, you must consider that the plugs in London tend to differ from those that can be found in Spain and even in Latin America.

That’s why you should take your adapter with you. Although you can buy it at the airport, they are usually more expensive than if you buy it close to home.

London Currency

The official currency in London is the Pound Sterling.

When you arrive in London you will be able to use your card to buy what you want, or even withdraw money from an ATM.

If you want to be warned, you can ask the bank for some cash in Pounds to solve any kind of eventuality.

But you should do it days in advance, as this may take some time.

Public transport in London

London has an enviable worldwide transport system.

The buses are punctual and you won’t wait long for them, just like the subway.

And if you want to make the most of your experience, and at the same time save a little money, I suggest you acquire the Oister card, with which you can use the bus and the metro, and in turn, just for using it, you get a discount.

Candem Visit

Your trip wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t visit this neighborhood that has become a kind of alternative market.

The interesting thing about this area is that haggling is the order of the day.

So you can make souvenirs and spend only a fraction of what you buy in shops or boutiques.

Remember to be cautious, and watch your pocket, this great city is catalogued as one of the most expensive in the world.

Keep these tips in mind when travelling to London, and your stay will be very pleasant.

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