Tips for travelling to Prague, Tips and recommendations

Travelling to Prague

Are you going on a trip to Prague? Well look at these Tips to travel to Prague that will surely be useful.

If you are trying to decide what your destination will be on your next trip, perhaps you are evaluating visiting paradisiacal beaches, where all types of water sports are practiced, and where you can delight in the half-naked bodies of all those who wish to have a good time.

travelling to Prague

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Perhaps you want to change the paradigm a little, and decide to go to a colder place to escape the immeasurable heat that gives no rest. Or maybe you’re looking for more than just crazy fun and sports.

There are places in the world that are visited for their culture, history and architecture. In Europe you may find an enormous number of destinations that will quench your thirst.

But if what you want is to remain speechless, then what you are looking for is a destination that hypnotizes you and for no reason lets you go. We speak for your Prague post.

This emblematic city has a history that goes back several hundred years. You can find a multitude of architectural works, all with a history.

Prague is listed as one of the world’s top tourist destinations, and is also a world heritage site. If you want to visit this city, pay a lot of attention to the following Tips for traveling to Prague.

Tips for travelling to Prague and recommendations

Prague is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It attracts attention for its great architecture, thanks to it, this city is visited by so many tourists who come from all over the globe.

Therefore, if you have the power to choose the date of your trip, I recommend that you visit Prague in the months of low tourist influx, so you will have the city only for yourself, and also enjoy great deals that you will not see in high season.

The national currency

The Eurozone is dominated by the use of the Euro, with the exception of certain countries such as the United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania and the Czech Republic. That’s right, in Prague the currency is not the Euro, but the Czech Crown.

Regardless of your place of origin, you must make this currency, unless you want to use your cards and pay the corresponding commission.

So that you do not have problems when you arrive, it is best to apply to your bank in advance cash in Czech Koruna, to forget about that matter.

You can take cash from ATMs once you arrive in Prague, just like you can use the exchange houses that make life at the airport, but there you will find the worst exchange, plus the fees for using ATMs abroad are very high. Ultimately, use the Exchange offices that you can easily find in the city.


At the moment of going to any destination, the best thing to do is to investigate the transport situation in the area, although many people think directly about renting a particular vehicle, and forget about it completely.

But if you don’t want to rent a car, and you want to avoid as much as possible using any kind of transport other than your feet then find a way to stay in the area they call Prague 1.
There you will find that all the tourist attractions are fairly close, so much so that you can walk without problems, except to go to the airport.

But if for some reason you couldn’t stay in the Prague 1 area, don’t worry, this city has an efficient transport system like tram, bus and metro, and you can find transport tickets in kiosks, tobacconists and metro stations.


Feeling safe in a destination is extremely important, especially if you want to travel alone. Each destination is different, and some may be considered safer than others.

In Prague for example, you can enjoy a high level of security, so travelling alone is not a problem. But even so, the best thing is not to tempt luck too much, and to move away from dark and desolate streets.

In Prague you will find great tourist attractions, works of art, history, things that adults value and enjoy too much. But for the children it’s a different story.

If you spend a lot of time with children in museums, taking pictures in emblematic areas, they will become bored and will not take long to represent a scene of crying or reproach, leaving their boredom to shine.

This city is very versatile, and has adapted to all types of visitors, not only those who travel alone, with friends or in pairs, but also family groups, so it offers dynamic activities that will help children stay active and do not get bored.

Internet connection

In the Czech Republic, like every good member country of the Eurozone, as well as a developed country, communications are of very good quality.

If you want to be connected to the Internet through WIFI, you will not have problems, because you can do it in Cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Necessary documentation

Countries, in order to control the entry of foreigners, have the right to demand a certain amount of information and even a visa to grant entry.

In Prague, for example, if you are Spanish, you only need your DNI, like some Latin countries, but if your nationality is different, I recommend that you take a look at the foreign affairs page of your country, where you can find the necessary precautions to enter the Czech Republic.

Here we leave you the Jewish Quarter and some places to visit:

This is undoubtedly one of Prague’s greatest attractions. But if you want to enjoy this area to the full, the best thing is to plan to visit it on a day other than Saturday, just like the six synagogues. This is due to the fact that just on that day everything is closed.

Every city has tourist attractions, but there are some that stand out among the others. In Prague for example we can name the following:

– Josefov

Also known as the Jewish Quarter.

It is an area where many years ago the Jews came to Prague and settled. They lived through great times of abundance, and also tragic times caused by Catholics and the world war.

– Staré Město

Also known as the Old Town of Prague, it is the place that marks the historic centre of this wonderful city. That’s where Prague settled. Here you can find the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock.

Don’t you think it’s a dream, something from another world? Well, the truth is to me. It is difficult to leave a place as wonderful as Prague.

With its enveloping culture, the history that shaped it, and above all, the sculptures and incredible architectural works that you can find there that make it a special city.

Remember, if you want to take a look at paradise, don’t forget to follow these Tips to travel to Prague.

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