How to avoid Trojans on your smartphone?

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  1. Trojans on your smartphone
    1. Bluebox Security Scanner
    2. Stubborn Trojan Killer
  2. Tips for Avoiding Viruses
    1. Links in WhatsApp or by SMS
    2. Origin of applications
    3. Read permissions
    4. Install an Antivirus
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Trojans on your smartphone

Not everyone has the most up-to-date version of Android with all the security patches.

Trojans on your smartphone

The most common vulnerabilities are usually patched on all current devices, but if your terminal has long since stopped updating, it may be vulnerable. Here's how to avoid Trojans and other malware.

Bluebox Security Scanner

Thanks to this application we will be able to discover if our Android device is infected with some type of spyware.

The Bluebox scanner is quite simple and is based on three aspects: the security patch, unknown sources and application analysis.

With this application you can see at a glance if your device has been updated with the latest security patches as well as scanning applications for malicious code. It also alerts you if you have the option to install applications of unknown origin enabled.

Stubborn Trojan Killer

It's another application that tracks your smarphone for Trojans of all kinds. If he finds one, he's capable of eliminating it. In Google Play we can read the testimonies of several users affected by a Trojan that made their lives impossible and this application has been able to remove it.

This application is from the Cheetah Mobile developer studio (AppLock & AntiVirus), the same studio that created CM Security.

Tips for Avoiding Viruses

Prevention is better than cure and taking advantage of this whole issue of vulnerability I think it's convenient to write a few tips to protect your Android against viruses, Trojans or malware.

Our smartphone can store a lot of valuable data and information, which if it falls into the wrong hands could harm us a lot.

Sometimes we receive messages either by an application like WhatsApp or directly by SMS warning that we have a prize, a message, an offer or that our device is in danger.

The reasons are varied but what they are looking for in the end is that we click on the link that is attached.

This link usually has bad intentions. Avoid entering links of this type at all costs usually install a virus, trojan or other malware.

Origin of applications

You have to be very careful with applications that don't come from Google Play. If the application does not come from the official Android store, you will probably need to enable the 'Allow unknown sources' option, which can pose a security risk.

Always try to know the origin of this application and do not install an APK that you do not know its developer.

Read permissions

It may sound silly, but it's more important than you think. Every time you download an application, read its permissions carefully, even if you do it from Google Play. As is well known, the Google shop has also hosted some malwares.

Normally when these types of bugs are discovered, Google immediately removes the application.

If any of the permissions we read are suspicious, it is better not to install the application; it may happen that by doing so you get access to some private data.

Install an Antivirus

Installing an antivirus is not a problem either. There are several applications (here we recommend Antivirus).

Many of them avoid infection and also eliminate the trojan or malware in case we already have it incubating in our system.

It is also advisable to protect our smarpthone with some kind of blocking such as pattern or PIN.

You never know who might be using our smartphone in a moment of carelessness. Finally, it is also highly recommended to have all programs and the system updated at all times.

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