What are umbilical cord stem cells?

Umbilical cord stem cells

One of the most important advances in science and genetics is undoubtedly the discovery of stem cells, and is that thanks to these hundreds of people have managed to save themselves from diseases that in past years had no remedy, these are in large quantities in the umbilical cord and can save your life and that of your family.

Stem cells possess an infinite number of health properties, which is why it has become very popular for couples to decide to store them in banks intended for this purpose and thus ensure the future of their families.

umbilical cord stem cells

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Here we will explain everything you need to know about this important scientific breakthrough.

Stem Cells: What are they?

These are the future of regenerative medicine, and are found in the umbilical cord that is formed in the process of pregnancy.

Several studies indicate that these can treat spinal cord damage, some cardiovascular diseases and even cases of stroke.

Stem cells have the ability to regenerate tissue and fight certain immune diseases. Because they are not specialized, they have the capacity to evolve into any type of bone, blood, muscle, hepatic cell, etc.

to form tissues or organs. Although the studies are still devoted to perfecting the preservation technique and its uses, they are considered the great advance of the future.

Why keep them?

Umbilical cord stem cells are young cells in their biological composition, a characteristic that allows them to be stored and at the time of use present fewer risks and complications.

The treatments with stem cells allow the patient who receives them to present a better progress of the disease thanks to the fact that it protects the aging of the rest of the cells that inhabit the area to be treated.

Because they are unique cells in their composition, stem cells can be used by the family group, such as siblings or parents, because they all work under the same genetic composition and there is no risk of rejection as there would be when transplanting a human being outside the family genetics.

If you are in a state of health, it is a good decision to read about it and complement this information in the different Stem Cell Banks in your country.

Preserving the umbilical condom allows those cells found there to be used in leukemia or anemia treatments. They have the ability to regenerate immediately those damaged cells that may be damaging the body of a member of your family.

Luckily this procedure is becoming more and more popular and obtains positive results in its use. The studies show that worldwide there have been about 35 thousand successful transplants and that today are families who enjoy a healthy life thanks to that miracle of life that is formed in pregnancy.

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