How to Uncover Kitchen Burners

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  1. Uncover Kitchen Burners
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Uncover Kitchen Burners

The burners in the kitchen tend to get dirty easily, just spill a little sauce or any other food ...

To clean them, today at Eme we bring you some homemade tricks.

Uncover Kitchen Burners

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If you see that part of the burners in the kitchen are off or the flame is not enough, they may be covered or dirty with grease that accumulates when cooking.


If the stove is gas burners remove the burners and top covers and with a little creamy cleaner, or powder, scrub the area where the burners are placed. Rinses and returns previously washed accessories.


Common cleaners are a big help with this job, but they are usually very abrasive and can cause damage. That's why it's best to opt for natural products that can be in your pantry.


First take the burners out of the stove, then take a long needle and insert it several times into each burner hole. With this you will uncover it and it will be free of fat.


After removing them from the kitchen, place them in a bowl with lemon juice mixed with a little hot water and rub the burners with this mixture. Fat will come off more easily.


When it comes to fat, vinegar is the great ally. You can pour a little of the product on the kitchen burners, let it act for a few minutes and rub with a wire sponge.

Even if the burners in the kitchen work well and are free of dirt, it is good to establish a cleaning routine in the kitchen to keep the burners running longer, which, in turn, will make cleaning the burners a very simple task.

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