How to uncover the ears by air pressure?

Uncover the ears

Without a doubt, Semana Santa is one of the most awaited vacations by most Mexicans, as it is the first important vacation period.

Some travel by plane or venture onto the road by car, those who are more practical prefer to take the bus to the beach, but however you get there, they all share the same discomfort: ears blocked by air pressure or ear barotrauma, as it is medically known.

Uncover the ears
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The ear is filled with air inside and the Eustachian tube, which is a small tube that connects the throat to the middle ear, ensures that the middle ear is ventilated and filled with air.

When we sneeze or yawn, the Eustachian tube opens to prevent pressure and fluid from building up inside our ears.

But why is this inconvenience happening? According, the barotrauma of the ear or feel the ears clogged, happens when there is an imbalance between air pressure in the inner part of our middle ear and air pressure of the atmosphere, when the Eustachian tube becomes clogged our eardrums and other tissues suffer stress and may present this discomfort for one or several days.

Some symptoms are: pain in one or both ears, feeling of fullness and dizziness.

Therefore, follow these recommendations so that your ears can open quickly!

Chewing gum

Chewing gum will help the Eustachian tube to ventilate very well and open the ears in no time.


This will activate the muscles to open the Eustachian tube.

Blowing through the ears

Although it may seem impossible, it is a solution that consists of making pressure from the throat so that air passes to the ear, to achieve it you will have to cover the nose and try to expel the air through our ears.

Filtered earplugs

During the trip you can use these earplugs to balance the pressure of the eardrum, you will find them in any pharmacy, they are very effective!

Avoid inserting an object and even your finger in your ear, as you could injure yourself, nor is it recommended that you expose yourself to loud noises such as the use of horns or loud music in clubs and bars.

Remember that if the discomfort continues, it is important that you see an otolaryngologist to prevent and treat any hearing problems you may have.

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