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Verbena (Verbena officinalis) is a completely odorless perennial herbaceous plant found on the roads of Europe and Asia and has been known and used since ancient times for its health benefits and virtues.


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Your health benefits

The properties of Verbena are long considered a magic plant with supernatural powers (hence its nickname, "witches' grass"), verbena is used today mainly for its soothing properties and its effective action on the digestive system.

Thanks to its action on the digestive juices, the verbena infusion (30 g of plant per liter of boiling water) is aperitif and digestive.

Effective against difficult digestion, stomach aches and diarrhea, it also fights sleepiness resulting from poor digestion.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic, verbena is effective against headaches, rheumatism and joint pain.

Verbena has a calming and reassuring power. It reduces stress and anxiety and facilitates sleep.

In mouthwash, verbena heals small wounds and mouth sores.

In external use, the vervain decoction (50 g of plant per liter of water) is very effective on skin lesions: diaper rash, sun rash, cracks, cracking and insect bites.

A compress soaked in this decoction also treats sprains, light contusions and bruises.

Verbena cultivation for its benefits

Verbena is a hardy plant that likes warm and sunny places and grows easily in light, rather poor but cool soil in summer.

The only real enemies of verbenas are slugs, which are formidable in spring.

Verbena in the kitchen for its benefits

Verbena is not only consumed as an herbal tea because of its digestive and soothing virtues. You can use fresh verbena leaves to cook your meats and vegetables, as well as in marinades or in your desserts, it helps digestion and sleep.

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