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The best video editing applications in Android ?

Mobile video editors

After recording your vacation with your Android smartphone, do you want to make a video montage directly from it without having to go through your computer? You have come to the right place, here is our selection of the best video editing applications for Android.

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With the increasing quality of video capture on smart phones, they are easily replacing cameras in our daily lives, and sometimes even at the professional level.

With 4K or even 8K recording, and particularly advanced optical or electronic stabilization, smartphones are the perfect companions for video.

Once your clips are filmed, a small video montage will make them more attractive and allow you to collect a maximum of tastes on social networks.

And instead of going through a PC, here we present the best video editing applications for smartphones. All are available on Android, Google Play Store or APK, and some are available on iPhone and iPad.

Presentation of the applications

If you are looking for a powerful and complete editing application, Power Director is one of the references.

Of course, the application allows you to apply effects and transitions to your videos, but also to manage several audio tracks or slowed down videos. Power Director allows you to export your videos up to 4K 60 fps which allows you to obtain high quality rendering.

The creators of Power Director also offer Action Director, a more conventional editor with many features. For advanced use, the Kine Master application also offers rich functionality with multi-track management but also many settings and effects.

Although obviously less rich than the desktop version, this mobile version still offers the essential tools and effects.

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account, your projects can even be synchronized between your computer and your smartphone.

Another application published by a renowned company: Quik. This is the video editor designed by GoPro.

It is one of the easiest applications to use, even the most novice can use it to assemble clips, add music, text and effects. As a Premiere Clip it is completely free.

In the same spirit, the InShot application also offers simple functions and many filters and music ideal for clean and fast editing.

Finally, the Artisto application offers an original approach, just like Prisma for photos, which allows videos to be transformed thanks to effects inspired by works of art. An ultra-simple but interesting application for creating original representations.

YouCut and its ad-free interface

Although it’s easy to find applications that don’t cost anything to create your own videos on a smartphone, some leave watermarks on the final movie or add particularly annoying ads on the interface.

YouCut takes the opposite way to this trend, offering you a completely free application, without intrusive advertising, with the possibility of uploading your creation without a logo.

In addition to basic video editing features like cropping and trimming, you can also have fun changing the speed of your movies to create slow motion or fast motion effects to suit your mood.

You also have the freedom to use different original filters, choose the size of your video and even process 4K formats.

Download YouCut

Video Editor Simple and efficient video editing

You don’t need a complex application, because you simply want to edit a movie with several photos or videos without any special work on the form… This application will be more than enough for you.

In a deliberately sober interface, it allows you to split files, create slideshows and easily merge several videos into one. However, the editor takes care of adding some appreciable features, such as image rotation or video conversion to MP3 format.

  • Download the video editor Video editing

InShot, to publish viral videos on social networks

Users of social networks such as Instagram or Tik Tok will particularly appreciate this application that allows them to create videos specially adapted to these platforms.

With just a few moves, you can cut a video to a shorter format, such as those found in Instagram or Tik Tok.

The creators of the application have come up with many options: you can have fun adding text, using filters and repeating tricks to publish ever more original videos.

Although video editing is a free feature, the publisher offers to pay for more leeway or to remove ads, for example. In addition, you will have to pay a few euros if you want to go further in the creation.

Download InShot

ActionDirector Video Edition, for beginners

Do you dream of doing your own video editing, but don’t feel comfortable enough with the technology to get started? This application could be for you.

In fact, it includes tutorials that facilitate familiarization with the practice.

By the way, if you want to go further and you are not skilled enough with your phone, you can download this software for your desktop PC, and get even more features (color correction, video stabilizer, action effects, etc.).

Download ActionDirector Video Editing

VivaVideo, for an unusual edition

With over 200 special effects, including animated stickers, VivaVideo claims to be functional, easy to use, and original. Like all other applications in this article, it allows you to easily merge photos and videos into an original movie.

This alternative is preferable if you like to add colorful elements and animations that change from the ordinary, especially to publish them later in Instagram or Tik Tok.

Of course, you can use VivaVideo to animate a YouTube channel without any problems.

Download VivaVideo

Once you have chosen your application to create your montages, make sure that the free version is sufficient for you (both in its functionality and in the final rendering).

For some uses, the presence of a logo or a watermark does not bother… But if you want to compete with Instagram’s influencers, for example, you need at least videos without “visual pollution”, for a more professional representation.

Other Options:

You can also get digital manuals on this subject at Amazon, WalMart, Costco, Sams Club, Chedraui, Carrefour, aliexpress, alibaba , MercadoLibre , Lidl, Aldi shein or ebay. Each of these manuals can be found in great online offers.

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