vinegar to clean the garbage

Clean the trash can with vinegar.

Whether the trash can is inside or outside the house, you should never stop cleaning it. There are some tips to ensure hygiene.

Among the innumerable cleaning products, vinegar has a more than satisfactory quality-price ratio. This is how it is used to clean the garbage.

clean the trash can

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Why is it necessary to clean the trash can?

Among the various domestic equipment, the trash can is undoubtedly the favorite place for microbes. Vegetable peels, food scraps, frozen food containers and cans encourage bacterial invasion.

This moist, food-filled environment promotes the growth of all kinds of bad germs.

Without maintenance, mold begins to appear after a certain period of time. At first, it piles up at the bottom of the box.

It then moves up and contaminates the entire interior of the container. When the bacteria accumulate, a foul odor forms and spreads throughout the kitchen.

This smoke attracts flies, especially in hot weather.

This is when the worms start to invade. These insects come from the eggs of flies.

Worms are formed in the garbage can. They feed on the garbage and begin to multiply by laying eggs in turn. At this point, throwing away the contents of the garbage is no longer enough.

It needs to be cleaned thoroughly. However, this takes time. Keep in mind that washing a dirty, smelly garbage can is no picnic. To avoid this type of inconvenience, it is advisable to clean it regularly.

When do you have to clean the trash can?

For practical reasons, some houses have several garbage cans inside. They are usually placed in the rooms with the most visitors.

The one in the kitchen deserves special attention. It receives the most contaminating waste. Therefore, it needs regular cleaning.

For those who have separate recycling garbage cans, the frequency depends on each use. The trash can and the packaging drawer and the food waste drawer do not get dirty in the same way.

The first needs to be cleaned every two weeks. The second needs to be cleaned every week.

In the case of built-in waste bins, it is advisable to clean them at the same time to avoid unpleasant odours. Due to their location, they do not benefit from any ventilation.

To maintain them properly, it is recommended to clean them twice a week. Since garbage cans in other parts of the house are less subject to dirt, one wash per week is more than enough.

The right product to clean the dustbin

When faced with countless cleaning products, it is sometimes difficult to find the most suitable one for scrubbing the dustbins.

Many are looking for the cheapest thing on the market, since maintenance requires the use of a good amount of product.

However, efficiency is an important parameter. To obtain good results without spending too much, white vinegar is a solution.

This natural product removes almost all the dirt. In addition, it is suitable for a wide range of uses. Vinegar acts as a powerful sanitizer and a powerful disinfectant.

In a room like the kitchen, it helps fight the bad germs that develop on the edges of the garbage can.

Vinegar is also known for its ability to eliminate unpleasant odors. It works wonders with certain materials, such as stainless steel.

In a short time, it restores the shine to stainless steel. Of course, this does not prevent it from being used to clean other surfaces.

Disinfect the trash can with vinegar.

To ensure a healthy home, it is essential to clean the trash can properly. Millions of germs can grow in it. They spread throughout the room at the slightest touch. In order to disinfect the garbage can, some equipment has to be put together:

  • Household gloves: it is not at all hygienic to touch the inside of the garbage can with your bare hands. There is a risk of germs getting under your nails.
  • A mask: inhaling the bad smells from the garbage is unpleasant and can cause nausea.
  • A hard bristle brush: garbage cans are usually made of hard materials. To get rid of debris and sticky residue, it is therefore more practical to have a hard bristle cleaning brush. This accessory makes it much easier to remove the debris.
  • Clean rags.
  • A bucket: to properly wash the trash can, a spray or vaporizer is not enough. A fairly large container is needed.

Here are the ingredients needed to prepare a vinegar-based cleaning solution:

  • Water: if the container is very dirty, it is advisable to heat the water to increase the efficiency of the mixture;
  • White vinegar: whether it is food or not, it always acts the same way;
  • Soap or detergent.

Simply follow these steps to clean the trash with vinegar:

  1. Prepare the solution Mix hot water and vinegar in equal amounts. Pour in dishwashing liquid or liquid soap to make the mixture slightly foamy.
  2. Throw away the trash. For those who do not use garbage bags, it is advisable to remove the sticky waste with a spatula.
  3. Fill the trash can with cold water to remove the remains.
  4. Soak the brush in the vinegar solution.
  5. Scrub the trash can by scrubbing all the corners.
  6. Rinse with the same solution to see if there is still dirt. If so, rub again.
  7. Rinse the trash can with clean, cold water.
  8. Dry with a cloth. It is essential to dry completely. Even after cleaning with a cloth, it is advisable to leave the garbage can outdoors for a quarter of an hour before putting it back in place.

Deodorize the trash can with vinegar

Sometimes the trash can gives off an unpleasant smell.

This is due to the accumulation of garbage.

Although garbage rarely smells good, it is possible to limit the occurrence of this phenomenon. To avoid this type of discomfort, simply use a strong deodorant such as vinegar. This is how it is done:

  1. Mix 20 cl of water, 20 cl of white vinegar and 10 drops of essential oil in a spray bottle;
  2. Shake to make the solution homogeneous;
  3. Spray the mixture into the trash can;
  4. Wait for the trash can to air dry.

Be careful, make sure the trash can is clean before deodorizing it.

A few rules to ensure the hygiene of the dustbin

Here are some tips for removing moisture from the garbage:

  • Close the bottles well before throwing them away;
  • Wrap up wet waste before disposal;
  • Use a garbage bag to avoid direct contact between the garbage can and the waste;
  • Keep the trash can away from water sources.

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