How to Listen to Your Voice Memos on WhatsApp Before You Send Them

Voice Memos on WhatsApp

Yesterday we were talking about one of the WhatsApp novelties that have been implemented in the iOS application version after the last platform update.

The same one caused that in case of error you could lose all your chats of WhatsApp, reason why it is not of more than you learn to make backup copies of the conversations that you have in the application.Voice Memos on WhatsApp

However, once we’ve tested the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS, we’ve discovered a new feature that will be greatly celebrated by all those who want their voice memos to be perfect.

Voice memos have become one of the best ways to communicate on WhatsApp, avoiding having to write big paragraphs when we want to tell something to our friends or family.

However, until now, we couldn’t listen to the audio until we sent it through our chats. Now being able to listen to voice memos before sending them becomes the biggest new feature in the latest WhatsApp update for iOS.

Previewing voice memos

In the WhatsApp 2.18.10 update for iOS, service managers have implemented a major update to the system for sending audios.

As on previous occasions we added the possibility of locking the recording button so you don’t have to press it all the time during our “monologue” WhatsApp now allows you to listen to your voice message before sending it.

In addition, if a call or notification enters our mobile, the message will not be cut off, as the application will save everything you have recorded up to that point locally so that you don’t have to repeat everything again.

Of course, this entails a change in the voice memo interface. In the latest version of WhatsApp in iOS there is an indicator in the chat bar in the form of “Play” that when pressed allows you to listen to the voice message before sending it.

Once heard you can click on the trash to delete it, or click on the send button to send the audio to our contact as we have heard previously.

At the moment we don’t know when the feature will land on Android, but hopefully we’ll see it in the next few weeks.

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