The best wallpapers for WhatsApp

Wallpapers for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world’s most widely used messaging application. We all use it and everyone can customize the background of their chats with the image they like best.

wallpapers for WhatsApp

You can only have one background for all your conversations but you can change it as often as you want and there are several ways to get funds.

How to change the background in WhatsApp

To change the background in your WhatsApp conversations and groups just follow these steps:

  1. Go into any chat.
  2. Tap on the three points at the top right.
  3. Now choose Background
  4. From the pop-up tab we can choose between several options, to put a background we can choose an image of our gallery or the official application of WhatsApp backgrounds.
  5. Once a fund has been chosen, we will be able to focus it to our liking and it is time to ‘Establish’ to finish the process.
  6. Alternatively we can restore the default background, set a solid color or not use background.

Applications with wallpapers for WhatsApp

WhatsApp Wallpaper (official)

To use the Wallpaper Gallery option we need to install the official WhatsApp wallpaper application that you can download comfortably from GooglePlay. Once installed we will be able to choose between 31 WhatsApp backgrounds within the chat settings at Background > Backgrounds Gallery.

Here you will also have a preview of how the background looks on your device. To select just one click on Set.

Applications with funds for WhatsApp (unofficial)

At Google play we have more third-party applications to get fabulous chat backgrounds for our conversations.

The Galaxy Wallpapers for Chat application is fully integrated into the application so once installed you can access the wallpapers directly from the messaging application itself as with the official application.

With the rest of applications we will have to download the image and from the gallery we will use it as background for WhatsApp.

Create your own wallpaper for WhatsApp

Having your own background in WhatsApp is much simpler than it sounds. You can place a picture that you have taken yourself or you can also use an image that you have found on the Internet (Pinterest), better if it has Creative Comons rights so you can use it freely.

Download the image, now go to a WhatsApp chat and choose to change the background. Select Gallery and then search for the image you downloaded.

Move the background from right to left to center the image as you like because the chat is vertical. Click on Establish and you already have your personalized WhatsApp wallpaper.

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