All the benefits of rice water: natural beauty care

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  1. Rice water
  2. Benefit #1: An energy drink
  3. Benefit n°2 : A natural hair care product
  4. Bienfait n°3 : A radiant care for the skin
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Rice water

There are two options: conserve the water used to rinse the rice before cooking, or conserve the water after cooking.

Preferably choose organic rice so as not to recover water containing pesticide residues. Pour this water into a bottle that you can keep for up to six weeks.

rice water

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Rich in potassium, zinc, magnesium, folic acid and iron, the water used to cook the rice will benefit many other parts of the body besides the stomach. Among all the benefits that this cooking water reveals, here are the most important:

Benefit #1: An energy drink

More natural and even more effective than commercial energy drinks, rice water will help your body to be well hydrated and to regain dynamism.

Especially ideal for women who have just given birth; rice water will stimulate breast milk production as well as help regain strength.

Benefit n°2 : A natural hair care product

Thanks to its numerous amino acids, rice water is a natural hair fiber fortifier. It will repair damaged hair and restore its shine.

The starch present in large quantities in the water of the rice is particularly useful for softening unruly hair. The effect will be the same as a silicon-based treatment, but in a more natural and environmentally friendly way.

To maximize the effects of this treatment, apply the cooking water as a conditioner and rub the wet hair to close the scales. Leave on for about five minutes and then rinse with clean water.

Bienfait n°3 : A radiant care for the skin

Thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants and inositol, a molecule that helps cell regeneration, rice water is also precious for the beauty of the skin. A skin whose cells regenerate is a skin firmer, smoother and more radiant!

Its astringent properties also tighten the skin pores and moisturize it.

To use the water-based lotion, apply it to a washcloth or cotton ball and massage it gently into your face - use it every day as part of your routine!

And don't hesitate to make your body's skin benefit from it, by pouring your rice water into your bath - sweetness guaranteed!

So, convinced by this ancestral gesture of beauty and wellbeing? Rice water and its benefits will soon convince you - if you know any other tricks of this kind, you can share them with us as a comment!

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