How to waterproof shoes

Waterproof shoes

To know some homemade trick or form of how to waterproof shoes can be -of course-, a great relief when the inclemencies of the climate lurk and you want to protect if or if, the footwear to avoid that they get wet or damaged and in addition, to take care and not to get sick product of this “humid” inconvenient.

waterproof shoes

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Well, in Practical Resources we have an excellent homemade trick to be able to waterproof leather shoes, suede or suede when it rains or when the shoes can be exposed to the splash of some liquid that can wet, humidify or finally spoil and in the process, take care of health.

You will need


1 candle.

Hair dryer.

How to Waterproof Shoes | Step # 1

First, you must take the candle and pass it over the whole surface of one of the shoes (as if you were colouring on it) applying in this way and generously, the candle wax in the shoe (without leaving any part without wax) and then this, repeat the same action with the other shoe. By the way, with this action the shoes will take a lighter color with the wax, do not worry because it is momentary.

How to Waterproof Shoes | Step # 2

Once the previous step is done, they will proceed to take the hair dryer and they will give the hot air to the shoes so that the wax becomes hot or melts a little and forms a protective wax film that prevents the water from penetrating and performing this action, it will return to take the color tone that the shoes had.

How to waterproof shoes | Checking

Finally and with the previous step, they already have waterproofed shoes and they can make a test exposing them to the jet of water and they will see astonished as the water slips or drains by the surface of the shoes achieving this way, a homemade waterproofing for the shoes that can be very useful so that they don’t get wet and don’t get damaged.

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