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How do you wax a wooden piece of furniture? Waxing or re-waxing an old piece of wood means renewing it, waxing or re-waxing a new piece of wood means giving it a shine but above all protecting it.

A piece of furniture made of waxed wood is a piece of furniture whose wood does not dry out and is not damaged by ...

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wax a wooden furniture

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How do you wax a wooden piece of furniture? Waxing or re-waxing an old wooden piece of furniture means renewing it.

Waxing a new wood is to give it shine but above all to protect it. A piece of waxed wood is a piece of furniture whose wood does not dry out or crack.

In addition, maintenance of waxed wood furniture will be easier and stains will no longer penetrate the wood fibers.

Apply the wax

The waxing of a wooden furniture is done in a perfectly stripped, sanded, whose holes and slots are well filled, for this we follow the advice of the article: Stripping a wooden furniture.

To ensure that the wax adheres well to the wood, clean the furniture with a cloth soaked in acetone, taking care to ventilate the room, put on house gloves and protect your eyes.

Immediately after cleaning with acetone, apply a first coat of wax.

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  1. Which wax to choose
    1. -Wax milk
    2. - Liquid Beeswax
    3. - Homemade wax for wood furniture
  2. Attention
    1. 2 Tips before waxing the furniture
  3. 5 steps to wax your furniture
  4. Other Options:
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Which wax to choose

There are all kinds of waxes, dyed or not, it's up to you to choose the one that suits your style!

-Wax milk

It is a very light wax and is suitable for use on raw wood furniture as well as lacquered or varnished wood.

- Liquid Beeswax

Like wax milk, it is a very light wax for gentle protection of the wood.

The only wax that is not recommended is silicone spray wax.

You can even make homemade wax.

- Homemade wax for wood furniture

Grate 100 g of beeswax in a bowl (you can find it in an organic store or in a do-it-yourself store), pour in 200 ml of turpentine (you can find it in a pharmacy or in a supermarket).

Put the bowl in a container with hot water to melt the wax.

Mix with a wooden spatula.

When the mixture becomes creamy, apply it to the furniture with a cloth.

This homemade wax can be stored in a closed bottle.

If it becomes too compact, dilute it with some few drops of White-spirit.


- There is no way to start waxing a wooden piece of furniture without protecting the floor and above all without removing the doors, drawers and accessories that will be dismantled.

If necessary, you will take this opportunity to clean them.

Whether the wax is homemade or purchased from a do-it-yourself store, the way the wax is applied is the same.

2 Tips before waxing the furniture

The first layer of wax should be generous, the second a little less and the last even less.

Apply the wax with a brush in the difficult to reach corners of the furniture.

5 steps to wax your furniture

1 - Apply a first layer of wax

using a soft fabric in circular movements, in the shape of a figure 8, following the direction of the fiber.

2 - Let the furniture dry for at least one hour.

so that the wax hardens, and then apply a second layer of wax, without doing 8s, but only in the direction of the wood fibers.

3 - For a brighter effect,

Apply a third coat of wax, allowing the furniture to dry each time.

4 - The harder the wax, the easier it is to polish.

After these hours of drying, rub your furniture with a nylon brush in a quick and vigorous back and forth motion until a perfect shine is achieved.

5 - Finish with a wool cloth as soft as possible. so that the wax penetrates well and makes the furniture shine.

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