What does a wedding invitation label look like?

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  1. The wedding invitation label
  2. Production program
  3. Shipping and Response Timeline
  4. Format and postage
  5. Number of invitations
  6. Children
  7. Guests of the evening
  8. Bridal Basket
  9. Driving directions
  10. Parking
  11. Accommodation
  12. Menu
  13. The next day's lunch
  14. RSVP without response card
  15. Review
  16. Going to the advertisement
  17. Response card
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The wedding invitation label

This wedding announcement guide should help you know everything about when to send, what to write and more. The etiquette will be respected, that's for sure!

invitation label

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Production program

The production time of the invitations is often underestimated by the bride and groom. The entire process takes several weeks (and sometimes months). Here are the main steps:

  • Finish the guest list and count the number of invitations needed.
  • Collect the email addresses of all guests
  • Write the text of the invitation, the response card and the information cards
  • Review of the text
  • Choice of style and graphic format
  • Requests for quotes for graphic design and printing (or purchase and costing of handmade, home-printed or ordered online invitations)
  • Graphic Design
  • Revision and corrections (sometimes several versions are made before reaching the final version)
  • Approval of printed or PDF proofs
  • Printing and assembly (some printers have a waiting time of up to 3 weeks for this step, depending on the degree of complexity)
  • Address printing or handwriting
  • Stuffing of envelopes, sealing and sending

Shipping and Response Timeline

The bride and groom usually send the invitations very early (more than 4 months in advance) and give a long time to respond. Then they are surprised to see that the answers arrive late.

Why? Because the guests receive the invitation, see the deadline which is three months, tell themselves that they have time to respond later, put everything aside, and finally forget to respond!

And if you send your invitations 6 months in advance and give a month to respond, it is very likely that the situation of some guests will change after they return their response card (business travel, illness, unforeseen circumstances, etc.). This will require you to manage the changes in response, which is not ideal.

  • Sending of invitations: 3 or 4 months before the wedding date.
  • Response time: one and a half to two months (maximum one month before the wedding date)
  • Reminder: It is important to call back all those who did not respond.
  • Their answer card may have been lost, they may have forgotten or thought they had answered, thought it was obvious, etc. Never assume that someone who hasn't answered won't show up; you might see them show up on your wedding day and be upset!

Are you afraid that 3 or 4 months won't be enough time for your guests to be available? Let them know the date of the wedding well in advance by sending them a recording date (by email or post) or simply mentioning it by phone or in person.

Format and postage

Did you know that square invitations are not standard and cost more in shipping costs?

And that there is a minimum size for the reply card envelope so that you don't have to pay extra fees (larger than the American minimum size, so be careful with online orders)?

Check with the Post for current standards and have a sample of your ad measured and weighed before it is stamped. If there is not enough postage, the delivery will be compromised or delayed, a situation you may want to avoid.

Number of invitations

In general, we plan to send one ad per address.

However, if two adults live together without being a couple (roommates, adult and elderly parent, etc.), it is preferable to send them individual invitations, with the mention "and guest" if applicable.

Always ask for a few extra invitations to keep as a souvenir and for last minute oversight and invitations. It would be very expensive to reprint a small number of invitations, so it is best to be prepared.


Depending on the label, you must indicate the names of all your guests (or the words "and family") on the invitation envelope.

However, if you don't want to invite the children and want to avoid ambiguity (because the guests may not be familiar with the rules of etiquette!), you could put something like this in the invitation text: "To ensure that you can enjoy the evening, the reception will be for adults only. " or "Reserve your babysitters for the night of the year! »

Guests of the evening

If some of your guests are not invited to the meal, but only to the dance, you will need to make an invitation for the ceremony and a separate card for the reception or dance (or two invitation templates).

Bridal Basket

It is common to add the words "Cesta de Novia" at the end of the invitation so that guests know that you prefer cash gifts. If you are requesting a contribution for the meal, please indicate this on the response card.

Driving directions

It is up to you if it is necessary to include driving instructions in an additional box in addition to the full address of the premises. It is preferable to do so in the case of remote, less identified sites or if the GPS tends to be wrong.


If you are getting married in the city, we would appreciate it if you would suggest us options and rates for parking nearby.


Have you booked a block of rooms at a hotel, hostel or bed and breakfast? Mention your guests along with the establishment's contact information, the name or code of your group and the deadline for making the reservation.

If you offer several choices of starters or main courses to your guests (or if you ask for a financial contribution for the meal), it may be a good touch to include the detailed menu in your ad, on a separate card.

You can also indicate whether an open bar or cash will be available to guests (so they can arrange transportation or money accordingly).

The next day's lunch

Do you organize a brunch the next day with all your guests? You can include a note about it with the wedding announcement.

RSVP without response card

It is now possible to pick up confirmations other than with a returned reply card in the mail.

Many future brides opt for a website with a complete RSVP form (asking for names, food choices, allergies, etc.).

Others will request a response by email (caution: guests may omit some information and it will be necessary to exchange emails with them to gather all the necessary details).

If you go ahead with one of these response modes, simply indicate it at the end of the ad: "Response requested by xxxx to (web address) or to (e-mail address)".


We all make small mistakes from time to time, so it is essential that your texts are reviewed by a few people close to you, because a flawless ad is also a mark of courtesy.

Going to the advertisement

Write the names of all your guests on the envelope or use the following wording:

  • Ms. X and Mr. Y
  • Mrs. X and her guest
  • Mr. Y and his guest
  • Mrs. X, Mr. Y and family
  • Mrs. X, Mr. Y and child Z

Mr., Mrs., or neither? It is perfectly acceptable to extend invitations without the greetings of Mr., Mrs. and Miss, but you may choose to do so for your older guests.

Please note that the Mr. and Mrs. X formula for a married couple is quite outdated (except for previous generations), as the spouses retain their names. Therefore, it is preferable to use both first and last names.

If your guest has been in a relationship for a long time, but can't remember his or her spouse's name, make an effort to find his or her name by checking with mutual acquaintances or asking them directly.

Response card

These are the elements to include in your response card, depending on what applies to your wedding:

  • RSVP: response requested within a specific time frame.
  • Names: Put enough lines so that all names can be handwritten (if inviting only adults, two lines will be enough).
  • Present or absent option: give them the option with checkboxes, because you want them to respond even if they cannot attend the wedding.
  • Choice of menu: Instruct guests to initialize their food choices, so they know who wants to eat what (will help with scoring and service management).
  • Dietary restrictions: Put a statement like "Dietary restrictions and person's name" followed by a line, because you will want to know exactly who is a vegetarian in your family or who has an allergy.
  • Monetary contribution: indicate, for example, "_____adults X $60______ = $" and "______children 5-12 years old X $25 = $______". " Please include your contribution with your response card. We are very grateful. »

Tip: Number the response cards on the back and put the number corresponding to each invitation on your guest list.

So, if a guest forgets to write their name, but returns the reply card, they will know who they are! It's rare, but it happens sometimes.

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