What is Computer Science? Concept, History, Uses and Computer Virus

What is Computer Science

We’ll explain what computer science is and what it’s for. How it came about, and in what areas it is used. Internet and computer viruses.

It is inevitable to think about computers without thinking about computers.What is Computer Science

Computer science is usually defined as a science that studies the processing of information by automatic means, i.e. the science of automatic information.

This is a sum of scientific knowledge and techniques that enable the automatic processing of information through the use of computers.

Computer science (popularly called computing) is divided into various branches such as programming, network and computer architecture, electricity and electronics, artificial intelligence (among others).

Computing has two areas of development, software (programs) and hardware (the products they complement).

Some careers are oriented to software development, such as systems engineering, and other careers do more maintenance, such as some technologies. Clearly, the branch that widens the most is that of programming that changes and evolves day by day.

Nowadays, it is inevitable to think about computers without thinking about computers. Computer science is a science that through computers enhances the capacity of memory, thought and communication of the human being.

What is information technology for?

The main objective of information technology is to automate all types of information by means of (mostly electronic) equipment in order to avoid the repetition of complex tasks in which mistakes can be made by reducing the execution time of the same.

The automation of computing consists of the elaboration of three basic tasks. First, there must be an input of information (capture of digital information); second, there is a process or treatment of previously entered information; and finally, there is an output of information (transmission of binary results).

Thanks to information technology, many production costs have been reduced, for example, everything that used to be produced by a thousand men by hand, today can be produced by a couple of machines that follow a certain algorithm and do it with a smaller margin of error, better finish and in less time, or also in the testing of different products or services, which is also safer for human life, as could happen in the performance of a safety test of a car to test airbags and so on.

History of Information Technology

Konrad Zuse invented the first computer called z3.

The word computer was first implemented in the 60’s in France, by the engineer Philippe Dreyfus, and was the result of the union of two words: information and automatic.

Prior to this, in the year 57 Karl Steinbuch used the word “informatik” in the title of a published document. On the other hand, in Russian, Alexander Ivanovich Mikhailov used this term to refer to the “study, organization, and dissemination of scientific information.

The first machine that performed automatic processes from an algorithm that existed and is now considered the first computer, was called Z3 and was invented by the German scientist Konrad Zuse in 1941.

This computer weighed a ton, something totally unthinkable today, being in an era where everything is getting lighter and lighter.

What was an achievement for that time was that it performed simple operations, such as sums in 0.7 seconds and multiplications or divisions in three seconds.

How did we get from Z3 to today’s computers, through the great invention of billionaire Bill Gates? Not to mention a Tablet, which not only weighs grams, but is absolutely portable. Computing has come a long way and it looks like it will continue to do so.

In what areas is information technology used?

Information technology is applicable to various fields of knowledge. As an example, we can find information technology applied in practically any environment: from business management in a McDonald’s, information storage and checking, process monitoring and control, the robotics industry, international communications, transport control, industrial design and countless other activities.

In all these areas, one of the most important applications of information technology is to provide information quickly and instantly to facilitate the work of employees because everything is automated.

Nowadays, in this globalized and massified world, it is very difficult to find areas in which information technology is not yet implemented.

It is for this reason that nowadays it is a fundamental tool in the labor insertion, since, to have good handling of the computer is a requirement in the majority of the formal works.

Computer viruses

Viruses appear on computers by downloading infected material.

Computer viruses are programs created to harm such a system or to steal information.

There are several types, including worms, Trojans and more. These not only have this main objective, but also the collateral damage they generate is that the PC works alone in some cases, causing files or entire folders to be deleted, web pages to be opened out of nowhere or files that we did not want to be downloaded.

Viruses appear on our computers by downloading infected material, they can reach us by email or also by devices such as pendrives. In order to combat them and eliminate them, there are other programs, called antivirus programs, that locate and eliminate them.


Something for which information technology is extremely useful is to communicate. If you don’t think so, you’re not considering the world’s most popular and used invention: the Internet.

It is thanks to him that people who are separated by seas can talk face-to-face via a smart phone or computer, or that phone calls can be made at no cost.

Communications have been revolutionized in this millennium and the last generations seem to have been born understanding what this is all about.

After several decades of evolution in communications, today we are in a global era, in which communication is instantaneous, even between different points of the planet.

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