What is female leadership?

The definition of female leadership

When we talk about leadership in business, we refer to the ability to inspire confidence, guide and influence others to achieve a certain number of goals.

Leadership is more of a position than a hierarchical level, and is usually exercised by a charismatic figure with a high level of emotional intelligence, one of the soft skills particularly sought after by recruiters, and self-confidence. This figure is also usually male.

female leadership

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Recently, however, this image of an exclusively male leadership has been broken in the face of a more mixed reality.

Although not recent, women’s leadership is now more valued. Influential personalities and power figures are (also) recruited from among women and inspire as much as their male counterparts.

How is female leadership exercised?

Beyond the expression that underlines its existence, female leadership is often distinguished by management styles that are specific to the female gender.

Without falling into stereotypes, a woman leader often knows how to show more developed knowledge without abandoning her assertiveness.

Generally attributed to women, the qualities of empathy, attention and listening help to gain the trust of the group. Creativity invites us to explore new paths, while the search for harmony suggests focusing on exchange and sharing to federate.

So, whether their influence has a social, psychological or political origin, women leaders – or women leaders, say – are beginning to introduce new management practices into the workplace.

These new forms of leadership, such as transformational leadership, are inspired by these new practices.

What are the levers of women’s leadership?

Firstly, it is essential to learn how to break down the barriers, which can be numerous depending on the company and the sector of activity.

The confidence that a woman leader inspires in others depends first and foremost on the confidence she has in herself.

The way it will be perceived in the company does not depend on the position it holds, but on the stance it takes.

The ability to bring a team together will not be achieved through authority, but through its ability to define a clear goal and a way to achieve it.

Women’s leadership begins with work on oneself: asserting oneself as a leader while maintaining authenticity, defining leadership style, developing assertiveness, gaining influence.

Beyond the natural predispositions of each one, the trainings allow to increase their leadership.

Mixed or dedicated specifically to women, they help them learn to better manage personal blocks, define their place in the company and find the right balance between work and family life.

In short, take a true leadership position while assuming the role of a woman.

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