What is WiFi Direct and what is it for?

What is WiFi Direct

The list of specifications and features of our Android smartphones is quite extensive and most go unnoticed by a large number of users.

What is WiFi Direct

WiFi Direct has long been included in Android but since the proliferation of connected devices has become something more visible.

Everyone knows the WiFi connection and most relates it to the Internet connection, but in reality the WiFi connection protocol gives more possibilities like connecting between devices without wires.

WiFi Direct is something like an extra function of conventional WiFi. With WiFi Direct we can connect devices to each other without the need for a WiFi router.

This way you can send files between two devices with this WiFi Direct network created between them.

The first Android smartphone with this technology was the Samsung Galaxy S launched in 2010 and Google added this protocol to the operating system since Android 4.0 in October 2011. Currently, all Android smartphones have WiFi Direct, with a few exceptions.

Advantages of WiFi Direct

It’s a much faster and more powerful option than Bluetooth. In addition the connection can be encrypted with a password, as in traditional WiFi, thus increasing security with respect to Bluetooth. Miracast uses WiFi Direct to share your computer screen on a TV.

WiFi Direct is faster and has more range than Bluetooth


Unfortunately, file transfer cannot be done natively as with Bluetooth. In other words, you need a third party application.

How to use

To enable this feature on most devices just go to Settings > Wi-Fi here we’ll touch the three dots at the top right and select Advanced Settings > Wi-Fi Direct.

On Samsung devices there is a direct access to Wi-Fi Direct above under Settings > Wi-Fi.

Selecting this option will display the name of your device and the available devices. To establish a connection we only have to click on one of them and accept the invitation on the other device.

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