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The battery life of an Android cell phone is an issue that is always controversial, mainly due to the two sides that are formed around the discussion: those who do not worry too much about the whole day, and those obsessed with economizing every aspect, even if they have to disable all functions of the device.

Best Battery Optimizer

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The truth of the matter is that neither one nor the other is the best position, since the former will never be able to end his day with energy for his phone, which can become a serious matter for not being able to communicate, and the obsessed will not be able to enjoy the advantages of having a smartphone because it has all its features turned off.

At this point, there is an intermediate position, which can be useful to each type of user: use a battery optimizer, although it would also require them to relax and enjoy a little more of life.

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I need to use a battery optimizer

Although in many places it is recommended not to use a battery optimizer, and even uninstall applications, and propose to use lighter apps to save some energy.

The truth is that this approach does not contemplate some features of the cell phone that we do not use, and that continue to drain battery, nor, as a battery optimizer would, allows us to have an energy scheme that suits each environment in which we are, ie if we are at home turn off the GPS and turn on the WiFi, or if on the contrary we are on the street, turn on the GPS and data and turn off the WiFi, for example.

That's why using an Android battery optimizer is one of the smartest ways to save a cell phone battery, however, not all battery optimizers do what they promise, only a handful of them are really useful and do not cause any kind of damage to the device or the operating system.

This is because a battery optimizer is a complicated tool to develop, and although it is simple to use for the user, internally it must be well designed so as not to end up with more problems than solutions.

This means that we should not fall into choosing any battery optimizer, only those that have been tested and have an important user base.

Now, to save a little work to the user who is looking for a good battery manager for his smartphone with Android, here at Android Expert we have made a selection, from which we can see that for us is the best battery optimizer, and also some other applications of this type that can be adapted to all tastes and devices.

The best battery optimizer

DU Battery Saver

Without a doubt, DU Battery Saver is the best battery optimizer for Android that we can currently find on the market, and is also completely free. This is not just our appreciation, as there are almost 13 million installations that prove the popularity, and therefore functionality, of this battery optimizer.

Among its main features we can mention the possibility of optimizing the battery consumption of our cell phone up to 50% with a single click on the screen, the use of energy profiles with saving modes preset from the factory, with the possibility of adding our own profiles, which will adapt better to situations in which we are accustomed to using the phone.

However, these are not your only options, as it also incorporates a cooling system that does not allow you to keep the temperature of your phone always at acceptable values. This option works by monitoring and closing those applications that consume excessive CPU, and therefore heat the processor, which helps us protect the hardware of our smartphone.

It also includes widgets, from which we can control some aspects such as the brightness of the screen, enable or disable WiFi and data, in addition to being able to select an energy profile appropriate to where we are.

Another very interesting feature is the so-called "Professional Charging Mode" by which DU Battery Saver manages the way our device is charged, thus ensuring maximum battery life, while ensuring that the battery is not overcharged.

For this and many more reasons, DU Battery Saver is the best choice for Android battery optimization.

Download DU Battery Saver Free

Other battery optimizers

GO Battery Saver

Although DU Battery Saver is the best battery optimizer for Android, there are other battery optimizers as good as this one that can fit our needs better than DU Battery Saver.

One of them is GO Battery Saver, which offers us the possibility of managing in a simple and free way some functions of the phone that consume more battery.

With Go Battery Saver we will be able to activate and deactivate the data connection and WiFi, the audio system of the device, the Bluetooth connection, the brightness of the screen and the synchronization of applications, all of which will help us have a much longer battery life.

Like DU Battery Saver, this power manager gives us the ability to configure specific profiles according to our position, in addition to other interesting features.

Download Go Battery Saver for free


Although initially Greenify could only be used in "Root" mode, so it was virtually useless for most users, over time this was modified and is now one of the most widely used battery optimizers.

Basically, Greenify works by detecting processes that are not being used or that are not needed to put them into a kind of hibernation mode until they are needed again, relieving the device of having to use resources such as battery power, RAM and processor.

This allows applications and processes running in the background to be reduced, so battery power demands will also be reduced.

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