How to share WhatsApp Audios on Instagram

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  1. How to share WhatsApp Audios?
    1. How to do it on iOS?
    2. How to do it on Android?
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How to share WhatsApp Audios?

You can share whatsapp audios on Instagram. It has the possibilities of sharing content through the Stories. Users are always looking for ways to further enrich their own content.

Now it's the turn of linking WhatsApp with those momentary posts, and not just sharing static screenshots.

The WhatsApp audios can be shared directly in the Instagram Stories to be made public by executing a certain 'trick'. Something that could be a double-edged sword, but that some good utility can be found.

The truth is that if you want to know how to share your WhatsApp audios (or those of another user) in your Instagram account, read on.

How to do it on iOS?

To begin you must know that to publish a story with an audio WhatsApp includes owning an iPhone equal to or greater than version 5c, which also has iOS 11 or higher, otherwise it will be almost impossible.

Knowing this, and fulfilling these requirements, you just have to use a native function of those Apple smartphones to take the first step. It is about screen engraving, a task that we can carry out easily from any screen of the iPhone, including the messaging app.

Step 1: Go to Settings> Control Center> Customize controls. In this part, we must locate the option "Screen recording" and click on the green button that accompanies it.

Step 2: Open the Control Center by sliding from bottom to top. When you are ready to record the screen with the audio playing, click on the recording icon.

Step 3: Share the recording as any story.

How to do it on Android?

As we know, Android does not have a native function that allows you to record the screen, therefore, we must occupy a third-party app, such as AZ Screen Recorder. It is a free application that can record a video of anything we do on our device, so making a video while playing an audio on WhatsApp is no exception.

Step 1: Install AZ Screen Recorder, you can found it on Google Play Store.

Step 2: run the application, grant the necessary permissions so that floating buttons can be displayed on one side of the screen. You may also need to go to Settings and "Enable audio recordings".

Step 3: When you see the camera icons, settings and more, you can click on the screen engraving at any time. Recording that you can control from the notification tray, where you can pause and resume recording.

Step 4: Once you press Stop to stop recording, we can publish the video in the Stories.

As you can see, it's a simple way to post the WhatsApp voice notes in the Stories with a kind of trick.

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