How to confirm that a WhatsApp chat is end-to-end encrypted

Learn how to encrypt an end-to-end chat to confirm its security

The end-to-end encryption implemented in WhatsApp's chat uses a series of public and private keys so that sent messages can only be viewed by the sender and receiver.

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The condition is that the two users chatting have a recent version of the official WhatsApp client. Encryption starts immediately and it is not possible to disable it, but the encryption keys can change and this can lead to some insecurity.

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  1. Confirm if a WhatsApp chat is end-to-end encrypted
  2. Check the individual password of a WhatsApp chat
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Confirm if a WhatsApp chat is end-to-end encrypted

To check WhatsApp end-to-end encryption, open the WhatsApp "Settings" menu and click on "Account".

Within the Account you will find several options about your privacy, such as the ability to change the phone number or delete the WhatsApp account, but the one we are interested in is "Security".

By clicking on it we can see a message saying that calls and sent messages will be encrypted from end to end, without WhatsApp itself or any third party can hear or read them.

A little further down we'll see a checkbox that turns security notifications on or off. You must leave it enabled if you want to be notified when your contact changes the phone, formats it, and logs in again.

Check the individual password of a WhatsApp chat

With the above procedures you will be able to check the general encryption status of the application, but you can also check the end-to-end encryption of each of the conversations you have had.

All you have to do is open a new conversation and click on the name of the user you want to connect with and open the information window of his profile.

There you will see an option called "Encryption". This option is displayed with a green closed padlock, indicating that that user's conversations are being encrypted.

If you click on this section you will see the QR code and the 60 digits. You can use either system to verify, with each particular contact, whether or not your WhatsApp chat conversations are end-to-end encrypted.

It is preferable that you carry out the verification personally, that is to say, with the present contact, since both of you will be able to make the necessary checks more easily but you can also do it in a virtual way, sending him a message.

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