How to prevent being put in WhatsApp groups

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WhatsApp Groups

In these ten years we have seen many new features and functions that have come to change the way we use the application.

WhatsApp groups

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One of the most important was the inclusion of groups and is that in its origins WhatsApp only served to talk to one person in an individual chat. In 2011 that changed but since then it had always been possible to be added to a group even if we didn't want to.

A few days ago we told you that WhatsApp was developing a new function with which we could choose who could add us and now the images of this new interface have been filtered.

Three options to add us to groups

  • All: this is the default active option and if anyone who has added us to WhatsApp is selected they can add us to a group.
  • My contacts: with this option chosen only our contacts can add us to a group.
    If they try to add users that we don't have in our contacts what we will receive is an invitation to join, but we won't automatically join.
  • No one: no one can add us to a group. Whenever we try, we'll receive an invitation, but again, we won't be added automatically.

At the moment this option is still under development and although there is already some of its code implemented in the beta versions of WhatsApp it is possible that it will take some time to arrive as engineers must make sure that there are no problems before releasing it, not even in beta phase.

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