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How to tell WhatsApp if a stranger has your number

The messaging app hides a way to find out if someone you don’t know has your phone.

How do you know you can share contacts by WhatsApp in a couple of taps.

How to tell WhatsApp if a stranger has your number

This function is very useful to make it easier for two friends to talk to each other or, in an emergency, to have all the means of mobile communication with a contact from another trusted mobile.

However, some users use the groups in the messaging app to get hold of the number of people they don’t know. To find out if yours is in an agenda we show you how to find out through WhatsApp.

How to tell WhatsApp if a stranger has your number

  1. The first thing you have to do is a new broadcast channel so that the message reaches several recipients, among which you can include several groups.
  2. Write a message in that room and wait a few minutes for the members to have time to read it.
  3. After a few minutes you should go to the message properties, which is the information button that appears when you hold down a message.
  4. On this screen you will see who has read it and who has yet to read it. If there is one that you don’t know, WhatsApp is telling you who has you added to their contact list without you knowing it.

As you can see, this trick is really useful, although you can do little if you don’t want to know anything about that person.

You can ask him to delete you from the contact list, or not break your head and block it directly.

This is not a security flaw in the app itself, but for peace of mind, we recommend that you activate the two-step verification of the app to improve the protection of your account, a feature that ensures that only you can log in with that WhatsApp number, and no one can remove your account.

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