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WhatsApp Messages

Learn how to schedule WhatsApp messages to be sent whenever you want them.

Programming WhatsApp Messages

Like Facebook, which reminds you every year when it's the birthday of your friends and family, you can also schedule WhatsApp messages to greet them or congratulate them on important dates.

Some time ago there were some applications that allowed the possibility of programming WhatsApp messages, but they stopped working, as they required root or jailbreak on the mobile.

Find out how to easily and simply schedule WhatsApp messages

The SKEDit Scheduling App is an application that does this task and you can install it on your device from its official website or from the Google Play Store. After installation you can send reminders or congratulate your friends on certain dates, such as their birthdays.

The SKEDit Schedulin App will ask you to sign up by creating a free account or using your Facebook account.

If you register a new account, you will need to enter an email address and password and then verify with the code you will receive in your email.

Then, you have to select Whatsapp as the service you will use to schedule the sending of messages automatically.

You will have to give the necessary permissions to the application and, finally, you will be shown on screen the option to choose from where you are going to program WhatsApp messages.

The first thing you'll need to point out is the contact or group you'll be sending the message to. Then, you can write the message with a maximum of 1800 characters and if you want, you can attach photos, documents or audio files.

You will have to indicate the day and time in which you want the WhatsApp message to be sent and you will have the option to indicate if you want the sending to be repeated. You can indicate that it is resent every hour, every day, every week, every month or every year.

The "Ask me before sending" option is available but is disabled by default. If you want you can activate it to ask you every time you are going to send a scheduled message.

Remember, WhatsApp penalizes accounts that program to send multiple messages at the same time. You must also remember that in order for messages to be forwarded, the screen lock must be deactivated.

However, you can indicate that you want to skip this limitation. You can also change the screen lock so you don't have problems programming WhatsApp messages and when messages are forwarded.

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