How to view deleted WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp messages

A few weeks ago we discovered how WhatsApp finally integrated into its platform one of the features most demanded by users.

We refer, of course, to the possibility of deleting sent messages before they can be read by the rest of the contacts in a given conversation.How to view deleted WhatsApp messages

This functionality, so well received by users, allows us to delete a message sent through WhatsApp, both for ourselves and for other users.

This way, in individual conversations or group chats we can hide some messages if we’ve thought twice about what we’ve written, after sending it.

However, they have just discovered how to reveal what is hidden in the messages deleted from WhatsApp, although to be able to see this text you have to be very fast.

The trick is to quote the deleted message before it is deleted, since the message is stored in the reader’s WhatsApp memory, even if the sender deletes the text.

Trick to read deleted messages

Of course, this trick to read deleted messages in WhatsApp doesn’t work the same way in individual chats as it does in group chats.

In an individual chat, to quote a message you have to read it first, so if the sender decides to delete it after you’ve seen it, it won’t get anything.

Things change in the groups. If we delete a message from WhatsApp and someone quotes it, by replying to the text all members of the group will be able to discover what the deleted message said.

As can be seen in the screenshot, while the original message disappears in the usual way, the deleted text continues to appear in the recipient’s quote.

WhatsApp warned back in the day that messages can only be deleted up to seven minutes after they have been sent, as long as the recipient and the recipient are using the latest version of the application.

Interestingly, it doesn’t mention how the feature works in dating cases but we already see that this is a good way to be able to read messages deleted from the application in a simple way.

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