How to read WhatsApp offline

WhatsApp offline

Learn these tricks to read messages without entering the WhatsApp app

WhatsApp offline

If you are one of those who when reading WhatsApp do not want to answer immediately the messages, from now on you have the privacy option to read them and not be seen connected.

In this way you will be able to avoid those who demand that you answer with texts such as: “I have seen you online”, or “you did not want to read my message and answer … “, so it will be very useful for you to know some tricks to see your messages without being connected.

How to read WhatsApp offline

Let’s look at the four main tricks for reading WhatsApp without a direct connection.

Adjust your privacy

Your privacy is set so that your contacts can see your last connection time, but if you go to Settings and click Nobody, no one will be able to see your last connected time.

In addition, if you want you can also delete the read confirmation and no one will know whether or not you have read their messages. You will become a ghost, but you must keep in mind that you will be invisible to everyone.

Set privacy for your contacts

You can set the last connection time exclusively for My Contacts. To do this you have to remove it from your address book after you have started chatting with him.

You can continue sending messages to him, but since he’s no longer in your contacts, he won’t be able to see that data.

The disadvantage is that, in order for you to stop seeing the reading confirmations, you have to completely deactivate them and the rest of the people you chat with will also not be able to see whether or not you have seen their messages.

Reads and answers from notifications

Another option for reading WhatsApp has been available for quite some time and is the possibility of replying to messages from notifications.

All you have to do is deploy the notification center, or respond from the blocking screen, and you’ll make sure that you won’t appear online at any time and won’t be registered within the last hour you’ve been online.

Set to Airplane Mode

Setting Airplane Mode is the most classic method of getting WhatsApp read and no one will see you, because by doing so you can walk quietly through all the chats, read the messages and keep hidden your last connection.

But you’ll have to take certain precautions. Before deactivating Airplane Mode you have to close WhatsApp completely, i.e. remove it from multitasking.

If you don’t, it will be active in the background and will record the connection and all read messages the instant you reconnect.

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