How to avoid viruses and WhatsApp scams

Hi, I’m the director of WhatsApp…

Since around a message has been sent again and again thanks to the unsuspecting and it seems that it has continued to gain strength over the years, although it is not seen as much as before.

This message is written by some supposed Karelis Hernández or German Manafre (or any other name) who claims to be the director of WhatsApp. Something totally false and clear example of book phising.How to avoid viruses

After his presentation, this supposed member of the application directive warns us of a supposed limitation for new accounts and that they have to count accounts.

It also promises that we will receive a new update with a new design and that they will give us data and minutes, etc. All totally false.

A somewhat threatening message that in the end is intended to resend the message to another person, since it contains a link with which surely some fraudulent way make money impostors. To avoid this attack, these are the security measures:

  • Don’t forward this message to anyone.
  • Delete the message immediately.
  • If you have received a message from an acquaintance, notify this person immediately.

Avoiding Viruses in WhatsApp

It is not easy for a virus to enter our devices because security flaws are not easy to exploit. The easiest way is to trick the user into installing software or visiting a page where we will receive a cookie with malicious software.

The premise for keeping us safe is to suspect all default links and applications. But it’s not always easy. It’s normal to make us sting with some benefit or curiosity, so stay tuned.

One of the last tricks to try to infect your smartphone using the messaging application as an excuse came through your inbox. Many users have received an email alerting them that they have a missed WhatsApp call and in order to hear it they need to visit an attached link in the email.

Of course, this is a scam. Through the link, you may start downloading malicious software. WhatsApp would never contact you via email and WhatsApp calls do not have an answering machine. In addition, the application already notifies itself of a missed call.

WhatsApp’s most common scams

WhatsApp stops being free!

This is one of the hoaxes that comes over and over again. And of course, because of the stress of having to pay for the world’s most used messaging application, many people open the message. Don’t do it! Don’t fall into the trap!

WhatsApp Messages Promising Free Products

How many times have you received a WhatsApp promising you free stuff? From premium Spotify accounts to Nespresso coffee machines, free flights, beer… Nothing could be further from the truth. They’re all hoaxes.

The best thing you can do is to delete the message immediately and not click on the link they send you. And if you get it from one of your contacts, tell them so that they don’t keep forwarding the message.

The new #WhatsApp latest is a message saying you get a premium account on #Spotify for free for a year. #National Police have already warned their networks that this is a scam, so as they say #NOPIQUES! More info on our Facebook @AGMsocialmedia

– AGMSocialMedia (@AGMSocialMedia) 25 January 2018

Phishing is everywhere, don’t bite…

No!… Unfortunately it is #false… ☹️ Heineken is NOT giving away 5 litre beer drums… #NoPiques, #NoCaigas… It’s a #bulo, #hoax, #fake… per #WhatsApp, which also gets your personal data… <font color=#38B0DE>-= Proudly Presents #Cybersecurity, #Ciberalarma

– Virtual Care (@Vcaresupport) March 9, 2018

You can now activate the new WhatsApp colors

I’m sorry but WhatsApp is only available in one color, but at least you can change the background.

If they send you this message, don’t believe it. You can’t change their colors #NoPiques

– ESET Spain (@ESET_EN)

Discount voucher for Mercadona, Zara, Decathlon…

The most common thing is that they offer us a succulent gift so that we can bite without thinking twice about it. Of course neither Mercadona is 125 years old nor are we going to take the 250€ or whatever amount they promise us.

Well and when I say Mercadona it can also be Dechathlon, El Corte Inglés, etc. In short, store, gift euros and anniversary years may be variable, but the scam is always the same.

Circula este couón por #WhatsApp📱…¡ni caso! no corresponde a ninguna campaña oficial en España ✋🏻#NoPiques

– National Police (@police)

🚩Circula by #Whatsapp❕Te
promise 150€ in exchange for filling out a questionnaire and inviting friends to participate in the promotion, but the coupon never arrives. #NoPiques 👉 Use your data to sell or subscribe to paid services.

– Press Office (@polprcanarias)

2 free Vueling tickets” and activation of video calls

In this WhatsApp scam for a change they want to give us something. This time it’s all about no more and no less than two plane tickets with the famous Spanish airline lowcost Vueling. To encourage us to participate, the sender declares that he already has his own.

Of course neither the airline is offering free tickets, nor whoever sends you the message is going to catch any plane by the face.

Rather, you could be a victim of malware that is probably trying to steal the access data from your accounts thanks to the malicious web where it sends you the link of the message.

Another scam that has also shaken WhatsApp is through messages to activate video calls, something that is activated by default if the application is updated.

Links to gifts or discounts

Maybe you’ve ever received a link from a contact and he doesn’t remember sending anything. Many well-known companies were used as lures: Ikea, KFC, H&M, Spar, 7-Eleven or McDonals.

It is a deception in which through a survey makes our impatience rise and misleads us so that in the end we accept a notice as quickly as possible.

By accepting this notice you may become a victim of various frauds such as registering an SMS service or MMS premium (for which we charge, of course). Some malicious software may also be installed.

Spy WhatsApp

Around the web there are applications and services that promise to let you spy on conversations outside of WhatsApp.

Of course such an application is nothing more than malware to earn money or advertising or steal information from our device.

WhatsApp Gold

An attractive name for a fraud application. It worked through social networks as an exclusive invitation for an advanced edition of the application. The supposed application promises special backgrounds, exclusive emoticons and other advanced features.

After cutting and installing the application we must enter our phone number, as in the normal application and when we are unknowingly signing up for a premium SMS service of a modest to 40 € per month.

There is also the same scam with applications that promise WhatsApp transparent or emoticons for WhatsApp anything that makes us itch.

Deactivate blue double check or activate calls

Other types of scams are associated with the more resounding functions of the application, whether removing the blue double check or activating calls. What’s more, I predict that when the video calls on WhatsApp are closer we will also have scams to activate the video calls.

It didn’t take long for the mugs to create a #FRAUD with the #DoubleCheckAzul NO PIQUES! That “snitch” can’t be turned off

– National Police (@police)

This scam also seeks the same as others to install malicious software or to register for a premium message account. Before someone falls again you can see how to remove the blue double check in our WhatsApp tricks article.

Message chains about “the end…”

Many times there are strings of threatening messages such as: “If you don’t forward this message right now to 10 contacts you will run out of WhatsApp”.

Well, chains like that have been around since the ’90s threatening that all services would end if you didn’t forward it to 10 contacts.

We must be careful because many times in the message also includes a link and we are helping to spread a fraud or a scam, in addition to being a lie what augurs.

Warn your family and friends and if you have doubts about any miracle of WhatsApp the best thing is to make sure on the official blog of the application. Have you ever suffered a scam because of WhatsApp?

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