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Chrome in food?

Chromium is a small nutrient that participates in many body functions. It is present everywhere on the planet and in our food, but in different forms.


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Find out which foods contain more chromium.


Chromium is a necessary trace element for the body and is a mineral nutrient that must be supplied in small quantities.

Chromium is necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. It is found all over the world and is naturally present in foods in its trivalent chromium form, its oxidized form. It is also present in the form of chromium chloride, chromium sulphate and chromium picolinate.

However, its hexavalent form is a toxic form, which is found in environmental pollution (type of chrome used in particular by industry).

In other words, the chromosome is easily found in food, but its bioavailability depends on several factors such as

  • The level of intake: for a chromium intake of 10 μg, the absorption rate is approximately 2%; for a higher intake, of the order of 40 μg, the absorption decreases to 0.5%1.
  • The source of ingestion: chromium in the form of chromium picolinate is better assimilated than in its chloride form (0.4% vs. 2.8%).
  • Interaction with other foods: such as starch or amino acids would increase the absorption of chromium, while phytates, glucose or fructose would decrease its absorption2.

Roles within the organization

He plays a key role in the organization:

Involved in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism3

It plays a role in diabetic patients: In patients with glucose intolerance, gestational diabetes, type 1 or type 2, chromium is believed to help in the mechanism of insulin and diabetes control. However, studies are conflicting when it comes to supplementation.

Fight against obesity: since chromium intervenes in the mechanism of insulin, carbohydrates and lipids, it would reduce the production of fat in this type of metabolic diseases in advanced stages. On the other hand, it would not influence the weight of people who are not severely obese.

Natural appetite suppressant: Some studies report that a chromium deficiency may cause cravings, especially for sweets, and that a chromium supplement may limit this need for snacking between meals.

Nutrition Recommendations

There are no official recommendations for chromium intake in the French population.

However, in 2001, the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) was estimated at approximately 50 μg/d7. The average population intake, estimated in the report "Etude de l'alimentation totale" (Leblanc et al., 2004), is 77μg/d.

Foods containing chromium : chrome

Vegetables: broccoli, green beans, mushrooms, asparagus

Fruits: grapes, grape juice, banana

Meat and eggs: veal liver, poultry liver, egg yolk, beef, turkey breast

Seafood: oysters, mussels

Brewer's yeast


Cereals: oat flakes, wheat germ, wholemeal bread

Dairy products: gruyère, comté, Emmental cheese

The sticker is not referenced in the CIQUAL 2020 database, we cannot propose the official content here9


  • Cottage cheese and oatmeal
  • Scrambled eggs and grape juice
  • Fresh fruit salad, yogurt and yeast


  • Veal liver cooked with fried broccoli.
  • Potato and green bean omelette
  • Steak and mushrooms in cream sauce.


  • Green salad, asparagus and comté cheese, yeast vinaigrette
  • Sea mussels and mashed potatoes
  • Wholemeal toast, cheese, turkey breast, sautéed mushrooms and green salad.

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