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Which is the safe mode of Android

Safe Mode on Android is one of the best ways to prevent our device, in case of problems with system applications or user applications, from causing further damage.

Basically it is a protection system that will allow us to have one more protective wall in case something bad happens.

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In this article we’ll learn what Android’s safe mode is, what it’s for and how to use it to protect the system in case of problems. We will also learn how to get out of the safe way easily and without complications.

What is Safe Mode on Android?

Basically Android Safe Mode is a tool designed to have a protection, which is activated automatically, when any application of the system or third party software, such as WhatsApp, Tinder, Uber or any other app cause potentially dangerous problems for the stability and performance of our Android device.

This means that if any application has a problem, Android safe mode will be activated, thus protecting the rest of the system to prevent the device from crashing or further problems.

Technically, when an Android device goes into safe mode, the system boots up, i.e. turns on, only with the system applications that are indispensable for its operation.

This means that we will not have access to applications such as email, gallery or cloud storage, for example.

Enter Safe Mode on Android

While from Android Jelly Bean, Google, the developer of Android, tried to unify the method of access to safe mode, the truth is that still many manufacturers of smartphones and tablets ignore these rules, designing their own methods, which only get users confused and can not return to normal Android devices in trouble.

That’s why there are so many ways to access safe mode on Android. However, if you want to enter Android Safe Mode, all you have to do is try one of the methods listed below.

Start safe mode on Android stock devices

Step 1: The first thing we need to do is to hold down the power button until the window showing the power button appears.

Step 2: After that, we keep pressing this button until the device vibrates and a new window is displayed, in which we must accept the warning that we are going to access the safe mode.

Start safe mode on some Samsung, LG, HTC and Nokia models

Step 1: The first thing we need to do is turn off the device completely.

Step 2: Then we turn it on in the usual way.

Step 3: When the window with the manufacturer’s image appears, press and hold the “Volume -“ button.

It may also be possible to enter safe mode by pressing the capacitive button while the device is starting. Another way to access Android’s safe mode is while the phone or tablet is booting, keep both volume (+/-) buttons pressed.

Step 4: Once we‘ve managed to get into safe Android mode we’ll be able, when we restart it again, to reuse all the applications. It should be noted that the Android safe mode takes a little longer to start, but this is absolutely normal.

Disable safe mode on Android

As we mentioned, when any of the system applications or user application is damaged or presents serious problems, Android goes into safe mode to protect the rest of the system, which means that we won’t be able to use only the applications we need for the workday, except for the apps that come with the device from the factory.

However, there are several simple implementation methods that allow us to disable Android safe mode without complicating our lives.

Method 1: Restart the device

As a general rule, when our Android device goes into safe mode, restarting your computer will be enough to solve the problem and be able to use all the applications we had installed before safe mode starts to run.

In the event that Android safe mode appears and we have to restart, the first thing we need to check is that we don’t have any notification waiting for us. If this is the case, we can click on it so that Android automatically restarts the system and set everything in place to return to normal.

However, not all versions of Android show us a secure mode notification. If that’s our case, then we can prove the following:

Step 1: Press and hold the off button on the cell phone or tablet. As soon as the menu with the equipment shutdown options appears, click on the “Reset” button or the “Shutdown” button.

Step 2: Turn on the phone or tablet again or wait for it to restart and run all the applications and services you need to function. Usually this is enough for an Android smartphone to start working normally.

If unfortunately this is not the case, we still have an option that could be very useful in these cases, which is to try to turn on the smart phone or tablet while keeping pressed simultaneously the power and “Volume -” buttons.

This procedure is commonly used by countless users with similar problems, and has become one of the easiest ways to get out of Android safe mode when other methods fail.

Another thing that could be useful to exit Android safe mode when the rest fails is to remove the battery from the device, of course when this is possible.

To do this, we turn off the cell phone and remove the battery. We wait a couple of minutes until the energy accumulated in the circuit is discharged and we reinsert the battery in its compartment.

After that we turn on the phone, and if everything has gone well, we will be able to use our device as it was before the problem.

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