Environmentally friendly and accessible, white vinegar works miracles in the home.

white vinegar

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1. White vinegar to soften clothes

Vinegar acts as a fabric softener, so it can replace fabric softeners with greener, more economical clothes.

To do this, simply add vinegar to the machine’s tub instead of fabric softener and add detergent.

2. Removing difficult stains.

Persistent stains are not resistant to vinegar! Did you spill coffee? Did you spill wine or find traces of herbs on your clothes?

Do a test on one corner of the garment, if the result is conclusive, then soak the garment in vinegar, rub it and machine wash it. White vinegar is a great stain remover!

3. As a conditioner

Vinegar is an excellent product for hair! It helps untangle hair and can make it softer.

So, in the shower, use it as a conditioner by applying it to wet hair. Once it’s been applied to the hair, wait 3/4 minutes before rinsing it out with cold water.

4. White vinegar against lime and lime

You are not dreaming, the vinegar helps dissolve the lime and makes the tartar disappear. Spray it on your faucets or other items in damp rooms, wait a few minutes and wipe it off with a cloth.

5. Replacing lye

Goodbye to household products that are dangerous to health and the environment, such as bleach.

The white vinegar is back and plans to replace it! Mixed with lemon juice, it is able to remove dirt from the whole house.

6. White vinegar for shine and luster

Alcohol or white vinegar has a high level of acidity, which makes it capable of making almost any surface shine.

It removes the grease, the shine and has fun making your dishes or mirrors shine!

7. White vinegar to maintain the pipes

Pipeline maintenance helps reduce the spread of odors while cleaning up mold and scale buildup.

Keep in mind that vinegar can help you preserve your pipes. In addition, it has anti-scaling and anti-odor virtues.

8. Relieve insect bites

White vinegar can also be used near pharmacy products... In fact, it can be applied on insect bites to reduce unpleasant itching.

Apply a few drops to a cotton ball or cloth before applying to the bite. It is necessary to wait a few minutes before the irritation stops.

9. White vinegar for weeding in the garden

In the garden, vinegar also demonstrates its value as a natural herbicide. It helps you control weeds simply by spraying.

All you have to do is cover the undesirables with a spray bottle.

10. You can remove the wallpaper

Dilute water and vinegar with alcohol in a bucket and you get a solvent capable of removing wallpaper.

In fact, vinegar is capable of removing many glues and wallpaper paste is not resistant to it. How to proceed? Soak a sponge with vinegar and moisten the wall by tapping it before removing the residue from the coating.

11. White vinegar as an appliance decalcifier

The washing machine, coffee maker, iron and teapot can be decalcified with alcohol vinegar. To do this, fill your small appliances with a mixture of 50% vinegar and 50% water before starting them up.

As for the washing machine, it is recommended to reproduce this action every month in a cycle at 60 °C. For the oven, the fridge, the microwave or the kitchen, vinegar is an effective decalcifier.

Soak your microfiber cloth or sponge in a solution containing a mixture of water and white vinegar before rubbing the surface.

12. White vinegar to illuminate a wooden furniture

Your grandmother will surely trust you with it, but if this furniture is so shiny, it is thanks to a secret and cheap recipe: a mixture of vinegar and olive oil.

Once the preparation is finished, it is applied to the wooden furniture with a soft cloth.

13. White vinegar as a window cleaner

While white vinegar is an incredible ally for cleaning all types of surfaces, it is even more formidable on glass surfaces. Take a sheet of newspaper or a washcloth and clean your windows with vinegar.

14. White vinegar makes copper, chrome and brass shine.

Alcohol vinegar in a soft cloth can give a lasting shine to copper, chrome and brass!

15. Removing the rust.

White vinegar is an antioxidant! So, if you have rusty tools or accessories, you can soak them in a container that holds a liter or two of vinegar. It is advisable to wait 48 hours before removing them.

16. White vinegar for cleaning ashtrays

The ashtray is a difficult object to clean. As vinegar mocks, it removes traces of ashes and prevents the spread of cold tobacco odors. If the ashtray is very dirty, you can leave it soaking for a short day.

17. Vinegar as a powerful degreaser

Vinegar is a natural solvent, it removes glue residues, so it can also remove grease. Use a cloth with vinegar to remove fatty residues.

18. Eliminates the urine of cats.

Whether on the couch, carpet or rug, white vinegar can help you get rid of cat or dog urine from your textiles.

Apply some vinegar to the stain. The vinegar can also help you fight the smell.

19. White vinegar as a plunger

By mixing white vinegar with soda crystals, an excellent product for unblocking pipes is obtained.

It is better to boil the vinegar and pass it through the soda crystals for an even stronger effect.

20. White vinegar to combat mold

Regularly spray the joints and tiles in your wet rooms (bathroom or kitchen) with pure vinegar to prevent the spread of fungus or mold.

If these pests are already installed, you can also rub them with white vinegar.

White vinegar works wonders in the house. It makes windows and dishes sparkle, keeps pipes sparkling, helps fight limescale and removes tough stains.

How to use white vinegar in the garden?

It is a natural product that is as useful in the home as in the garden. On the outside, white vinegar is a powerful herbicide.

It can also be used as an insecticide and even to maintain garden furniture, entrances or even the terrace. Depending on the chosen use, the dosage will have to be adapted.

How is a white vinegar-based herbicide made?

To make a homemade herbicide based on white vinegar, you need vinegar and water. Mix 1 liter of vinegar with 0.5 liters of water and put the mixture in a sprayer.

With 1.5 liters of herbicide, you can treat 10m². Naturally, you can use vinegar all over the garden, even in the vegetable garden!

How to use white vinegar as an insecticide?

It can be used as an insecticide, but its effectiveness is limited. In fact, white vinegar is very powerful in combating aphids.

It is used diluted and sprayed directly on the plants. The ideal is to provide one dose of vinegar for every 10 doses of water.

How can I use white vinegar as a cleaner?

It is ideal for an impeccable garden. Because it is effective against lime, moss or mold, you can use it to clean your garden furniture, but also outdoor playground equipment, greenhouse windows, gardening tools or flower pots.

The vinegar is very practical to have a clean and weed-free terrace and corridors.

The many uses of vinegar in the home

The uses of vinegar are so numerous that the natural product has become a necessity for the maintenance of the interior and exterior of the house.

In fact, let’s remember that vinegar can be used for..: – Cleaning the windows, – Polishing the dishes, including the copper items, – Cleaning the taps, – Fighting the lime, – Cleaning the pipes, – Degreasing, – Staining.

Economic, ecological and ultra efficient, white vinegar is a cleaning product to have at home. For the cleaning of your kitchen, it is even your best ally.

Removes stains, disinfects, shines, decalcifies, deodorizes… And the list goes on and on. Would you like to discover or rediscover white vinegar?

Here are all our tips to use it well in the maintenance of your kitchen.

To decalcify

Vinegar is a powerful decalcifier. It has the ability to dissolve and thus make even the oldest limestone disappear.

You can use it everywhere! On your credenza, your sink, your taps and even your kettle or coffee maker.

How to use it? * For your coffee maker: put white vinegar and water in equal amounts in the water compartment and turn on the machine.

Once the program is finished, repeat the operation with clear water three times. * For your kettle: put a mixture of vinegar and water, always in equal amounts, in the kettle. Leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse with clear boiling water. Repeat the operation twice.

White vinegar to remove grease and stains

It can be used to degrease and separate dishes. To do this, simply place the dishes to be cleaned in the sink, fill it with water and add two glasses of white vinegar. Leave it to work for a few hours and then enjoy!

To deodorize

Vinegar is a powerful deodorant – you can use it to clean the fridge, the dishwasher and even the cat litter box!

Vinegar is ideal for cleaning and deodorizing plastic or wooden cutting boards. However, never soak your wooden cutting boards!

It can also be used for drains. It can be used to deodorize them. You can even unclog a sink with pure white vinegar.

Make the dishes shine

Vinegar can be used to brighten up your dishes, glassware and even your windows. To make all these items shine, you should prepare a mixture of water and white vinegar.

The measurements are as follows: ¼ of vinegar for ¾ of water. You should know that it can be used on copper as well as silver. What a great way to give new life to your beautiful dishes or tableware!

It will be useful in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in all the other rooms of the house.

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