Why are Babies Born with Blue Eyes? Curious Answers To Simple Questions

Babies Born with Blue Eyes

More than one has been taken by surprise, agreeable or disagreeable, according to the case, on taking his baby in his arms for the first time.   It has blue eyes!

Newborns have a very small stomach, so the amount of milk that fits them is also small.

The case is that the great majority of human beings, at the moment of out birth, we have clear eyes, normally bluish grey.

And this regardless of what the colour of the iris is in adulthood.

The colour of the iris of the eyes is something hereditary and a series of genes has been identified related to it (the melanin is a protein and like other proteins, the quantity and type is coded in the genes).

But if the colour of the iris which we will have is already determined at the time of our birth, why are we born with another colour?.

The answer is two-fold: because at the time of birth the melanin, the pigment which gives the colour, has not been completely deposited in the iris of the eyes, and because the iris has still not darkened by exposure to ultraviolet light.

The production of melanin will increase during the first year of our life, when the colour of the iris can vary.

At six months, the quantity of melanin present in the baby’s eyes will determine their definite colour: if the iris of the eyes posses a large quantity of melanin, their colour will turn dark brown; a small quantity of melanin produces tones of green, grey or clear brown and if the eyes contain very little melanin, they will look blue or clear grey.

A peculiar case is with the albino people, that can be born with reddish eyes, as the total absence of melanin makes that the color of the blood vessel in the ocular bubble at first.

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