Why Wisdom Tooth Hurt? Curious Answers To Simple Questions

Why wisdom tooth hurt?

The wisdom tooth causes some discomfort when it erupts, but wisdom teeth are often more problematic due to lack of space in our jaw.

When trying to leave there are times when they try to make space by pushing the teeth that are together, that is why they can hurt more.

Wisdom Tooth Hurt

Another reason is that being very close to the throat can cause inflammation of angina (tonsils) and sometimes even the ears.

Symptoms of the wisdom tooth

People who did not notice their exit is because they have enough space to appear, but in the opposite case some symptoms may be:

  • Pain in the place that comes out or in the molars that are close to this zone, sometimes even can push and cause pain in all the teeth
  • Inflammation or a sore throat or angina (tonsils)
  • Infection in the throat without any other illness such as the flu or a cough that causes it
  • Earache
  • It is very probable that if you press with the finger on the gum you feel that this zone is very hard, due to the wisdom tooth that is about to leave.

Complications the Wisdom Teeth

Most of the time the complications occur because they could not leave right and in the right position, so some problems that can give you are:

  • Frequent pain in a following toothache, tonsillitis, throat or ears.
  • Accumulation of food that can be very annoying due to the difficulty of cleaning
  • Caries that it is impossible to deal with the position of the teeth.
  • Permanent damage of the Wisdom Teeth that is joint, so you will end up losing both.

One of the first measures that we must take before an ailment of this type, is the complete and adequate oral hygiene.

Often the source of the discomfort is a concentration of bacteria in teeth, gums or tongue, which will have to be attacked in order to eliminate them.

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