Wisdom tooth: All You Should Know

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What is wisdom tooth

Let's start with the basics, what is a wisdom tooth? Its scientific name is wisdom teeth.

They are the teeth that come at the end of all the others, at the end of the jaw and very close to the throat.

There are people who never have them or are simply trapped and never erupt even though an X-ray could be observed, implying that they were only very trapped in the background.

Many of the times do not come out correctly, only a part appears or twisted out.

History of wisdom teeth

Why are they called wisdom teeth? There are actually two stories:

The first is by the stage of life in which they usually leave, which is between 17 and 20 years, an age in which people are supposed to have more understanding, wisdom, judgment.

The second is because depending on the things you have done up to that point in your life, they come to judge you, the discomfort they give you are the result of the pranks you have done, obviously these are just village myths.

What is the function of the wisdom tooth?

My very particular answer would be: To give discomfort and to interfere, although it was not always so.

In prehistory, because the food was harder and more complicated were necessary to finish grinding food.

There was no bread, biscuits, sausage, pasta, meat tenderizer and all the additions we use today to create soft and "edible" foods.

It is estimated that over the years the human being can evolve in such a way that no one has them, since they are no longer necessary for human survival.

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